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Olympic prep, take a peek inside my camera bag

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos

Most of the debate for photographers before an Olympics is not about a specific athletes medal chances. Photographers debate gear and what to pack.

We might be covering a sport for the first time or covering a sport with memories of covering it with a camera that is now two generations past. 

But what it breaks down to is how much gear do you want to haul around with you.

This year I'm cutting down on my kit, and hoping that the Canon camera pool at the Olympics can help me out with a few lenses during the games. I'm hoping that the new 200-400 is there!

A the guts of the gear I'm bringing, 2 Canon 1DXs, Canon 1D mkIV, 14mm, 16-35, 24-70, 70-200, 300 f/2.8, 500 f/4 (which is my favourite sports lens), some remote gear, cards, extra glasses. And, of course, pit stick, also known as "Shower in a tube"

The most important things, passport and media accreditation! What are the Green markers for? Find out here!

Pocket Wizards on a remote camera give us another angle on an event.

The iPhone is a must piece of kit, the battery case equaly important.

A piece of kit that I love to use next to one I hate to use. The Canon angle finder allows me to line up a picture without having to lay down on the ground, great for low angle photography. The rain covers are a must in England. While I hate taking pictures in the rain, I love pictures taken in the rain. I know its strange!

The pair of newly released Canon 1DX in my kit require me to read the manual. Very different from the previous generation.

Everytime I'm lucky enough to shoot an Olympics I get a T-shirt made up for it. This year I had a pair of T-shirt's made up, each pays tribute to a friend that will not be at the Olympics. The black EP shirt, is a take off on the Queen's ER logo. EP is the designation for Photographer's on Olympic credentials. The crown has the initials SB in it for Shaun Best, a Reuters photographer who passed away last year. The Red shirt is the Toronto Star team shirt that reads "Keep Calm and File Fast" honours our Olympic writer Randy Starkman who passed away suddenly a couple months ago with a RS in the crown.



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Love it! Jealous, have a blast and I look forward to seeing the amazing pics!

My your socks be dry and your sensors clean!

......Everytime I'm lucky enough to shoot an Olympics I get a T-shirt made up for it......

Nice gesture Steve!
I am sure SB will be watching over the games.

Hey Steve,

Thanks for sharing this. Any chance we can order some of those Star Olympic shirts honouring Randy ?

Hey everyone at the Toronto Star...I am Canadian and will be part of a key feature at the Opening Ceremony...it will blow your socks off this event will show England as a very special place...with an amazing sense of humour....enjoy...if you have a reporter on the walk between our changing rooms and the stadium on Friday night - YOU SHOULD see my amazing costume!!!

Great seeing an insight into what your taking.
2nd last pic has the grey module connected to the side of the 1DX, that a wireless transmitter?

@Dave, Yes it is a WiFi transmitter, unfortunately we are not allowed to use it here!

What's the reasoning behind that Steve? Conflict between every other TOG using the same thing.

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