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My Olympic sure things.

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos

Olympics are somewhat comforting in the simpla fact that there are somethings you can bank on!

Some are pet peeves, some are madly annoying and some are comforting.

What are they?

A volunteer will give you the worst directions and make you extremely late/miss an event.

You cannot yell at that volunteer because, heck, they are a volunteer.

You will spend 2 hours a day, at least, on buses with sweaty stinky journalists, present company included.

You will break or lose something valuable like a lens or a wedding ring.

Emilie Heymans will win a medal when I'm at the pool.

I have the pleasure of witnessing Emilie Heymans winning three of her four diving medals. I was there in 2000, 2008 and yesterday!

SYDNEY, 2000

Canada's Emilie Heymans, right and Anne Montminy perform one of the five dives that scored them high enough to win silver at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. The image is a little rough, shot on the Canon D2000, whooping 2 mega-pixel digital camera. There have been five new generations of pro digital cameras since!



Emilie Heymans reacts while waiting for scores to come up to see if there is a chance at Gold, Her Chinese rival nailed her dive giving Heymans a silver medal on the 10 metre platform.

LONDON, 2012

Émilie Heymans, this time paired with Jennifer Abel wins bronze for Canada in the 3 metre synchronized springboard final.

Émilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel win bronze.

The medals!

For the fourth time in her Olympic career, the The Canadian Flag is raised in her honour!

Émilie Heymans takes time to smell the roses after she and Jennifer Abel win bronze.

Some of the other events today at the pool.

Brent Hayden leads out the mens 4x100 freestyle, they failed to qualify for the final in the morning session at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Even though he finished out of a semi-final spot by 17/100ths of a second,Blake Worsley was happy with his 200 metre freestyle time of 1:48.14.

Charles Francis qualified for the semi final in the 100 backstroke in the morning session.

Heather MacLean cheers her sister Brittany through her 400 freestyle heat in the morning session. The four minutes of cheering helped, Brittany qualified for the final.

Brittany MacLean qualifies for the final in the 400 freestyle.

She squeeked into the semi-final by 14/100ths of second, and she nearly squeeked into the final, she and another swimmer had identical eighth place times in the semi-final. A swim off needed to held to decide who would swim the final.

Brittany MacLean stretches before the 400 freestyle final, she would finish seventh and set a new national record.

Charles Francis enters the water for the semi-final of the 100 backstroke, he did not advance.

Charles Francis reacts to his time that was short of a finals berth.

Julia Wilkenson takes off her golden Uggs before her semi-final in the 100 backstroke.

Julia Wilkenson looks at her 100 backstroke time, that would place her ninth, out of the final.

Sinead Russell finished her 100 backstroke semi-final not advancing to the final.

Tera Van Beilen collects her thoughts before leaving the pool after losing in a swim off in the 100 breaststroke.

Rebecca Adlington of Great Britain shows off her bronze medal in the 400 freestyle.

Michael Phelps encourages his anchor swimmer  in the 4x100 freestyle relay.

France avenges their loss in the 4x100 freestyle relay by upsetting the Americans.

Minxia Wu and Zi He would win gold for China in the three metre synchronized springboard final.  


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