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Every photographer has an Old Faithful

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos

Every photographer seems to have an event they love to cover and they would love to cover it every year.

With some it is TIFF, others the Indy, others Rogers Cup Tennis, others fashion week, and etcetera.

With me, it is also a guilty pleasure, it is the annual pizza eating contest up in Barrie.

It has been going on for three years and features one of the best eaters in the world, Takeru Kobayashi.

It is amazing to watch a 140 pound man pack away 10 pizzas in 12 minutes, incredible!

Staff at Pie Wood Fired Pizza Joint prepare 75 Margherita pizzas for the competion. On the menu the pizza is called the Kobi 43 in honor of the 43 slices he ate in competition the previous year.

The oven cooks the pizza in 90 seconds.

Each pizza weighs about a pound and is 14 inches across.

Local eaters are able to qualify for a seat at the competion table, throughout the summer they are timed on their time to consume one pizza. Furious Pete Czerwinski has the one pizza record of 29 seconds.

128 pound Takeru Kobayashi shows up to defend his Pizza title.

Flanked by Stephanie Torres and Furious Pete Czerwinski, Takeru "Kobi" Kobayashi defends his pizza eating title.

The day before the competition Kobayashi will order five or six pizzas to work on technique.

Recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as the world's biggest biggest athlete, 6'8" 680 pound Emanuel 'Manny' Yarborough ate at a leisurely pace.

A week ago he ate 5.5 pounds of fried mushrooms, Saturday morning he ate 69 dumplings in two minutes in New York, flew to Barrie and ate the five pound pizza on the menu and followed up with a second place finish in the contest with 35 slices. (8.75 pizzas)

With another pizza ready to move in Takeru "Kobi" Kobayashi defends his pizza eating title.

She is a size 0 at 105 pounds but shows up wearing size 5 pants when she competes. Stephanie Torres is thought to be the number two female eater in the world.

Runner up twice, Canadian Furious Pete Czerwinski finished third this time.

With about four minutes to go, Takeru "Kobi" Kobayashi and Jamie McDonald were tied at 28 slices apiece. Kobi would add 12 to his tally to win to McDonald's total of 35. Canadian Furious Pete Czerwinski would finish with 25.

Flanked by Stephanie Torres and Pete Czerwinski, Takeru "Kobi" Kobayashi eat hard in the final two minutes.

As time winds down, Takeru "Kobi" Kobayashi swallows the last bit of the 40 slices (10 pizzas) for the three peat.

Canadian Furious Pete Czerwinski holds upTakeru "Kobi" Kobayashi's arm as Kobi defends his pizza eating title.

Takeru "Kobi" Kobayashi defends his pizza eating title, the super eater ate 40 slices. He wins $3,000 and a parking spot at the front door of the restaurant.

Takeru "Kobi" Kobayashi poses with 6'8" 680 pound Emanuel 'Manny' Yarborough after the contest.

An hour after the competition, Takeru "Kobi" Kobayashi eats a Porchetta Pizza. I guess if a Tour de France cyclist can race for seven hours then ride another hour to cool down, an eater could have a cool down pizza.

 Pictures from the two previous contests, 2010 and 2011


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