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Lincoln Alexander, from the Toronto Star photo archive.

Some of our favourite pictures of the late Lincoln Alexander in the Toronto Star archives.

TONY BOCK - Former Lt.-Gov. Lincoln Alexander, photographed at a celebration gala for his 85th birthday and the 40th anniversary of the Ontario Heritage Trust at The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto.


AL DUNLOP - Lieutenant-Governor Lincoln Alexander helps out in a tug-of-war match at Variety Village during the Lieutenant-Governor's Invitational Games. October 25, 1987.

JEFF GOODE - Ed Mirvish turns 80 with Lincoln Alexander and Art Eggleton and Anne Mirvish at the party.

BORIS SPREMO - Lieutenant-Governor Lincoln Alexander inspects the The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, September 20, 1985.

BORIS SPREMO - April 22, 1986 Ontario Lt. Gov. Lincoln Alexander, with wife Yvonne, gives a hearty wave to bystanders as he arives at Queen's Park to read the Speech from the Throne, to open Legislature. 


PETER POWER - Former Lt. Governor Lincoln Alexander, photographed in his Hamilton, Ontario home before his eightieth birthday. November 5, 2001.

ANDREW STAWICKI - Lincoln Alexander on a OPP motorcycle after becoming an honourary commissioner of the OPP. July 11, 1991.

DOUG GRIFFEN - Lieutenant-Governor Lincoln Alexander talks to students during History Week, February 25, 1986.

PETER POWER - Lieutenant-Governor Hal Jackman has a little difficulty in bestowing the Order of Ontario upon Lincoln Alexander at Queen's Park. April 29, 1992.

RON BULL - Lincoln Alexander in his living room next to family pictures. November 14, 2002.

DAVID COOPER - November 4, 2009-  Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario from 1985 to 1991,  attended the event at the Carlu and spoke with HRH Prince Charles and wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in Toronto.

BORIS SPREMO - Former lieutenant-governor Lincoln Alexander stands beside a bust of himself as sculptor Pham The Trung applies a light touch in Toronto. The Vietnam refugee made 10 busts as a way of thanking Canada. He fled Vietnam on a boat in1980. November 28, 1996.

PETER POWER - Former Lt. Governor Lincoln Alexander, photographed in his Hamilton, Ontario home before his eightieth birthday. November 5, 2001.


STEVE RUSSELL - April 15, 2009. Lincoln Alexander attends a ceremony as a section of Duncan Street off of King St. West has been renamed "Ed Mirvish Way" to honour the late businessman, philanthropist and theatre impresario in Toronto.

STEVE RUSSELL - February 24, 2009.  The Honourable Lincoln Alexander is honoured with a standing ovation at a Toronto Raptors game. Toronto Raptors would win 118-110 over the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto


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The "cadets" are the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, (Princess Louise's). They provided the Guard of Honour of Lincoln's swearing-in ceremony at Queen's Park. He had specifically requested that his local, Hamilton, Infantry Militia Unit form this Guard. Lincoln was always a great friend of the Regiment.

The 'Inspecting cadets' photo is mislabelled. We were not cadets. We were the honour guard at Lincoln's swearing in. We are a reserve army unit based in Hamilton, The Argyll and Southerland Highlanders of Canada, Princess Louise's. Lincoln specifically asked for our regiment to form the honour guard. I am in the honour guard ( and the photo) Lincoln was a close friend of our family in Hamilton.

Wonderful photo's of a amazing, kind, caring man. Glad to see a photo of Linc participating at the Variety Village Lieutenant-Governor's Invitational Games. No question it was one of his favorite events to attend. Having hosted him for several years at this event I know just how much he enjoyed the day and loved being involved with the kids. Sweet memories for sure.

Would have loved to have seen some photo's of him in his younger days! Truly one of Canada's finest treasures. He will be sadly missed.

@J.W. and Jeff, Thanks for the info, the picture of Mr. Alexander by Boris Spremo was scanned from an 11x14 archive print that only had their names and the date it was shot on the back of it. I'll make sure the new info is added.

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