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Toronto Fashion Week Day 1

Bernard Weil @bernardweil 

& Keith Beaty @KeithBeaty

After a short hiatus, I'm back shooting Toronto Fashion Week, this time with Star photographer Keith Beaty. While I'm shooting video at the shows, Keith will focus mainly on runway stills for our paper and web galleries. Deadlines for print and online are as tight as ever. We'll still be looking for behind the scenes and some fun photography so check with us throughout the week. 


BERNARD WEIL - Mannequins watch over photographers and reporters working in the media lounge.



BERNARD WEIL - Proof photographers are territorial. Marking off your spot on the photographer's riser is the first order of business on day one. Getting as close to "centre" is key to getting the best photos.



KEITH BEATY - A model shows off fine details during the Pavoni runway show.



BERNARD WEIL - An eerie blue light casts over the reception area. 



KEITH BEATY - A model finishes off the Pavoni show.


Here's a look at a video A Minute with Pink Tartan. 









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