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Toronto Fashion Week Day 5

Bernard Weil @bernardweil

Keith Beaty @KeithBeaty

Here's a look at what happened on the last day of Toronto Fashion Week.  


BERNARD WEIL - Hair stylist Cindy Duplantis, of Brampton, works on the hair of New York model Whitney Thompson who is the 2008 winner of America's Top model plus size.



BERNARD WEIL - Volunteers give the runway a meticulous cleaning before the Unttld show. Despite that, the tent roof sprung a leak just over the end of the runway, at the VAWK show, causing some of the models to catch their balance.



KEITH BEATY - Ouch. Sunny Fong showed off some interesting designs and colours in the VAWK show.



KEITH BEATY - Spectators were busy throughout the week taking photos of their favourites designs.  



KEITH BEATY - A view from where the photographers worked. The dismantling started seconds after the last model walked off the runway.



BERNARD WEIL - Remember these mannequins in my first blog this week? Time to pack up ladies, the party's over.


Here's the last video of the week: A minute with VAWK.



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