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2012 - Keith Beaty

Keith Beaty - Staff Photographer - @keithbeaty

Bridal dress for cover of Special Section's Wedding Planner Issue.

Eryn Stott, striped shirt and  Ian Hotchkiss, red shirt take in Euro cup action at the Queen and Beaver on Elm Street. 


Sixteen month-old Kayla Le at the 27th Annual Lunar New Year Festival (Tet Festival 2012) - the Year of Dragon, held on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at the International Centre. 

Actor Jajube Mandiela during her singing lesson with Falconer Abrahams.


movie director Peter Bogdanovich.

A follow-up on Linda Chamberlain, the former homeless-woman-turned-mental-health and-support-ve-housing advocate who was diagnosed with cancer last fall. She's taking a clown class. 

Cover story picture for fashion section on how teen boys shop for their prom suits.

Cover shoot for the hair issue.

Sikh communities throughout the GTA hold vigils in wake of the temple shooting in Wisconsin. Several hundred attended this vigil in Nathan Phillips Square. 

Aerial acrobatics during the President's Choice Superdogs Show, "Hip Hop Hooray"

On the last day of the Canadian National Exhibition the ice skating show "La Vie" features Elvis Stojko.

#17 Kota Hata and #63 Babylon Hatfaludy were two of 32 riders competing on the world's smallest velodrome during its one-day appearance at the Evergreen Brick Works. The event was open to cyclists with fixed-gear bikes and wheels sizes larger than 26".

Cover shoot in the stables at Casa Loma for the Luxury Special Section.

Korhani Home presented a  "collection" of frocks made from carpet samples. 

Cover in black-and-white for first Canada Black Friday section.

Fashion cover shot of footballer Mike Bradwell dressed in Hugo Boss. 


Which picture was your favourite?

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Canada weeps

Easily the Elvis Stojko skating photo. I'm not a fan of him or skating, but that photo is so damn eye catching I can't help but love it!

!. Canada weeps.....with sikhs and all world citizens for peace

2. Kayla Le at the 27th Annual Lunar New Year Festival (Tet Festival 2012)......beautiful hope for a harmonious diversified Canada

Linda Chamberlain. This face has seen/been there thru struggles most of us can only imagine. To now be taking a clown course shows she must have a sense of humour, and to look into her eyes, the mirror of the soul and it is captured here. Photos are life, models/props are not.

The last day of the Canadian National Exhibition the ice skating show is the best. No doubt!

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