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John Farrell and the Red Sox spoil the Boo Birds' party

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos


The list of athletes that have asked out of Toronto teams is a long one.

The return of athletes like Chris Bosh, A.J. Burnett, Vince Carter to Toronto, on the other side of the Ice/floor/court/diamond brings out the boo birds in force.

The return of John Farrell is the first ime I have seen the boo birds for a former manager.

Sure we have seen some coaches and managers that the fans don't like get booed, but how rare is for a manager to demand a trade for his "dream job"?

Former Jays manager John Farrell talks to media before the game.


Beloved former Jays coach, now, Boston Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield chats in the dugout. Butterfield's departure is more along the lines of favourites like Roy HalladayJohnny MacDonald and Jose Calderon.


John Farrell fields questions from the media.


Later in the field, John Farrell chats with Jonny Gomes.


Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista, who injured his ankle in game three against Cleveland talks to media before the game. He would not be in the line-up.


John Farrell waves to the crowd after batting practice.


Eli Pilosof has a message for Former Jays manager John Farrell during batting practice.


So did this fan.


And this fan.


Josh Johnston starts the game for the Jays.


Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes celebrates after a lead off double.


 Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell walks past Eli Pilosof and his sign.


Toronto Blue Jays left fielder Rajai Davis celebrates the Jays first run.


Jose Reyes is just out at second on a force by Boston Red Sox Dustin Pedroia.


Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes declares himself save at second in front of Dustin Pedroia, he was out. 


Toronto Blue Jays second baseman Emilio Bonifacio commits one of three errors as he fumbles a ball as Will Middlebrooks runs by.


Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Josh Johnson draws a visit from Toronto Blue Jays pitching coach Pete Walker.


 Mike Napoli is greeted at the plate by Dustin Pedroia after hitting a home run.


Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes had a single, two doubles and a homer.


Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes is tagged by Boston Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks in the, er, private area.


After being tagged out at third, Jose Reyes might have neglected one vital piece of equipment.


Fans reach for a souvenir.


Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia connects for a double.


Looking like Rick Vaughn, Brett Cecil was far from wild in an inning and a third.


Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Esmil Rogers is what the Jays have to show for John Farrell. 


A 6-4 win, he probably really liked those apples!


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Steve are you stupid? Roy Halladay got a standing ovation when he returned. I was at the game. He is one of the classiest athletes Toronto has ever had. Please do not put him in a category with Bosh, Burnett etc... While Toronto sports has a history of losing, he was always professional, especially in the way he was traded trade the Philly.
Very disappointed..

I guess I did have a brain fart!
I have moved Roy's name down to the Butterfield picture!
Thanks for the passion.

Who cares about Butterfield. He was a non-factor of a coach. Of course, nobody care about him leaving! Leave Farrell alone -- if I had a chance to leave for a better job then I would too. That's life. Don't fault him for wanting a better job.

I was saying boorns!

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