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The Prom, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Steve Russell - Staff Photographer - @RussellPhotos


Late June was prom season across North America, not all the kids out their could attend. 

The Hospital for Sick Children offers an event for those that could not make their proms because of medical reasons. 

The event at Sick Kids brings in hair stylists and makeup artists to treat the kids and their friends to an evening of fun.

 Ambika Paul has her make-up done before the annual Prom Night at the Hospital for Sick Children.


 Katie Armstrong has her make-up done by Tiffany Zhang, one of several makeup artists who donated their time.


Kayla Johnston takes a self portrait with Charlotte Koch and Brooke Henry as her sister Courtney looks on.


Jasmin Singh poses with Charlotte Koch and Brooke Henry.


Jasmin Singh, 15, has her eye makeup done at a Hollywood inspired Prom Night.


In what looks like it actually might be a medical procedure at the Hospital, Keren Muntaba,15, has mascara put on.


Emilia Nowicki, 16, has her make-up done, she is in the hospital after being diagnosed with Crohn's.


Emilia Nowicki, 16, has her make-up done, she travels everywhere with her IV pole, which she has named Paul.


Emilia Nowicki, 16, a competitive dancer proudly wears her bravery beads. The beads are given to patients at the hospital, each one represents a proceedure or milestone while at the hospital. 


Emilia Nowicki, holds bobby pins as she has her hair done, the red bracelet identifies allergies.


 Emilia Nowicki, 16, gets a kisss from her sister Magda after her make-up was done.


Jasmin Singh, 15, hits the red carpet at a Hollywood inspired  Prom Night.


She had surgery Thursday and now is on the red carpet, Stephanie Clayton wouldn't let a bowel operation keep her from at the annual Prom Night at the Hospital for Sick Children.


Kayla Johnston and Callum Mullen hams it up at the photo booth, the pair met as inpatients earlier this year.


Alex Salmon, known as DJ Skinnzy entertains  at the annual Prom Night. Salmon has a spinal cord tumor.


While most DJ's are into the Red Bull and Monster drinks, DJ Skinnzy uses the more practical Ensure.


Maddie Blenkinsop, 14, giggles as a pair of Toronto FC players try to free her after her hair got tangled in the corsage of a teammate.


Kayla Johnston and her sister Courtney hit the dance floor at the annual Prom Night at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.






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Awesome story. Great event. Hope all had a blast

What a wonderful article and big thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this night possible!

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