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A Look At Today's G20 - G8 Photos

Police and protesters are out in full force ahead of this weekend's G20 and G8 meetings.

G20 001

The lake at the media centre for G20 activity in the Direct Energy Building has a large projection screen and a bundle of Muskoka chairs to relax in. One AP TV cameraman from Washington thinks its a great idea for people like him to come and relax  during the summit. (Rick Madonik/TORONTO STAR)

G20 002

Protesters gesture at the police as they make their way through the streets ahead of the G20 summit in downtown Toronto. (Chris Roussakis/REUTERS)

G20 003

Toronto Police along with OPP and RCMP executed a search warrant on 58 Elderwood Dr. Tuesday evening. Byron Sonne, 37, was taken into custody. Described by former colleagues as a “very nice guy” and respected computer security specialist, Sonne now faces multiple charges and appeared in bail court Wednesday afternoon. (Manny Rodrigues/FOR THE TORONTO STAR)

G20 004

RCMP officers are reflected in a mirror hanging on a fence near Simcoe and Front street. (Carlos Osorio/TORONTO STAR)

G20 005

Police officers are seen at the corner of Wellington and Simcoe in the background is a Walter Beauchamp tailors whose windows are boarded up. (Carlos Osorio/TORONTO STAR)

G20 006

Police patrol the streets of Huntsville ahead of the G-8 summit. (Rick Eglinton/TORONTO STAR)

G20 007

Police officers on motorcycles are seen on Front St. near Union Station. (Carlos Osorio/TORONTO STAR)

G20 009

Police stop a vehicle at a security checkpoint in the town of Huntsville. The nearby Deerhurst Resort will host G8 summit later this week. (Graham Hughes/THE CANADIAN PRESS)

G20 010

A security checkpoint is shown at the Deerhurst Resort near the town of Huntsville. The G8 leaders summit will take place at the resort on June 24 and 25 resulting in heightened security around Huntsville and surrounding areas. (Graham Hughes/THE CANADIAN PRESS)

G20 011

Huntsville's Spruce Glenn Public School teacher Mary Spring, who teaches grade one, has a much reduced work load with only a hand full of students attending class due to the G-8 summit. (Rick Eglinton/TORONTO STAR)

G20 012

President of the Republic of Malawi and chairperson of the African Union Bingu wa Mutharika, second from left, salutes two Royal Canadian Mounted Police while being met by officials upon his arrival at Pearson International Airport in advance of the G20 Summit Wednesday. (Darren Calabrese/THE CANADIAN PRESS)

G20 013

A Buddhist monk from Japan bangs a drum in front of City Hall in Huntsville. Canada will host the 2010 G8 Summit at The Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville. (Carlo Allegri/REUTERS)


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huntsville must be like having an alien spacecraft land in your backyard...the circus is in town!

Nice photo of the idiots giving the cops the finger. Your parents must be proud. Cops just doing their jobs, pair of loser hippy types grow a "pair" all in the name of protesting what? The Man? Big Business? I am sure they will be the first to call the cops when some scumbag breaks into their Toyota Hybrid. Bring on the water cannons and blow these two back to the burbs where they belong.

The protesters flipping the bird at police are obviously very mature individuals with a valid point to make.

Why give the finger to the Police, its not as though they make the laws or decided to have the G-20 in Toronto.

Thats just plain dumb.

I just hope that if there is any problems the police move quickly and arrest the trouble makers. This is OUR country on the world stage not that of the radical minority.

Love the Buddhist monk's New Balance sneakers.

I found the first picture to be very unpleasant; it left a wicked taste in my mouth. Those two idiots flipping the police the bird was downright disgusting. These are officials who lay their lives on the line for us (the public). EVERYDAY they get stabbed, shot at, spit on and hassled but everyday they still suit up to protect us.

I understand you have objection(s) to what's going down at the G20/G8 but seriously....as my mom taught me, a little respect goes a long way.

I weep for the future.

Wow the monk looks kinda sad...

To the people giving the finger at the police, grow up and get a job.

Great pics. I really like the one with the mirror.

Daniel .. Toronto

The fake lake looks like a pipe broke and rather than fixing it, somebody built a platform on top to walk over it.
About the fences, police presence, etc.:
Is this the same nation in which the leader once wrestled a protestor with his own bare hands? Is it really so far gone? What a shame.

That's quite a contrast between the police interacting with the people on the streets of Huntsville and then the photo of the 2 CANADIANS saying hello to the officers in Toronto. Very classy, your mothers would be proud.

Re: the photo of protesters gesturing at the police - this is why I could never be a cop. The urge to rub that smirk off that guys face with my nightstick would be overwhelming. Glad they have the patience to remain calm.

I've only seen this amount of police presence in Tiananmen Square, China. This is not my home city of Toronto. Why the sudden transformation and heightened police presence? Turning Toronto into a police state is ridiculous. If you don't want to exclude all Torontonians from their own city then have the summit where there are much fewer people and where the effect will be minimized.

Giving the finger to the police, pathetic.

People are suffering around the world and their plight needs to be heard, but they also need leadership and actions that drive towards the goal of helping them....not immature, self-serving gestures like that.

That second photo says it all for me,they are out for trouble,now the Buddhist monk is another thing,peaceful while trying to get his point across.

The facade of Union Station looks grim.

I like how you all assume that the cops didn't do anything before the picture was taken.

Why aren't there any photos of the cops pushing the protestors without reason??

I believe that the police should have used paint ball guns on the terrorist ( not protesters) so that they could identify them more easy and arrest them, they sure had no message but to terrorize others and damage property.

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