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The Daily Beast Christmas Special - Boris The Baby Reindeer - December 25, 2010

Toronto Star Picture Editor Wanda Goodwin shares these delightful images of Boris the baby reindeer.

Photos; Ken Bohn, San San Diego Zoo /via ZooBorns

Three-month-old Boris quickly slurps down a bottle before prancing through his exhibit at that San Diego Zoo. Keepers expect to wean the reindeer from his bottle on Christmas Day.  The little reindeer was a surprise when he was born at the Zoo on Sept. 18 in an exclusively female reindeer exhibit. (Scientists do not believe there was any miracle involved, though; Boris’ mother was just unexpectedly pregnant when she arrived at the Zoo in May.)



“It has been so much fun watching Boris grow up here at the San Diego Zoo,” said Tammy Batson, a San Diego Zoo lead keeper  shown holding the bottle for Boris. “When he was born he was all legs, but now he’s even getting antlers!” 



Boris weighed about 8 pounds when he was born. Unfortunately, he was too weak to stand and nurse and he grew cold. Boris was taken off exhibit when it became apparent he wasn’t going to nurse.  When he was put back after a few days, his mother was not attentive to him, so the animal care staff continued feeding him with a bottle. 



 Boris now weighs about 75 pounds. He eats hay and an alfalfa-based pellet and grazes on the grasses, acacia and other plants in his exhibit.




Boris lives with four female reindeer and is part of the herd. He loves to play in the pool in his exhibit.   




Both female and male reindeer grow antlers. Reindeer typically live 15 to 20 years.



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