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Prime Minister Stephen Harper Photo Bombs Couple's Wedding

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It must have been one of life’s most unscripted moments for Stephen Harper.

And it was certainly a surprise for the bride.

But on Saturday, Canada’s prime minister stepped out of a trio of cars and began shaking the hands of a wedding party as they were taking photos off scenic Rockcliffe Parkway in Ottawa.

Ottawa Photographer Laura Kelly shares her photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper who unexpectedly showed up at a wedding shoot for Jocelyne Potvin and Patrick Sullivan.

Photos Laura Kelly

Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-0001

"Three black cars all in a row pull into the parking lot. And someone jokingly says, "I bet you it's the Prime Minister or something!"

We laugh, and move on with our photo taking.

Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-0003 
"But then as the cars were preparing to leave the little parking lot (that couldn't have held more than 20 cars or so), they stopped.

Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-0007

PM Stephen Harper greets the bride and groom.


Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-0009

Bride Jocelyne Potvin and groom Patrick Sullivan share a laugh with PM Stephen Harper.


Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-0011

PM Stephen Harper poses with groom Patrick Sullivan and bride Jocelyne Potvin.

Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-0015

PM Stephen Harper stands in the middle of the wedding party with bride Jocelyne Potvin and groom Patrick Sullivan.

Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-Jocelyne and Pat Wedding-0017

Photographer Laura Kelly with Prime Minister Harper.


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You may or may not agree with his governing style, but this heartwarming gesture from the PM definitely shows he's just human like the rest of us and he's also subject to emotions, like the exhilarating feelings of wanting to be a part of a wonderful event like a wedding and to congratulate the bride and the groom.

That was awesome of Harper to do that and they made him feel good the way they were happy about it. Beautiful memories

He's more of a "Man of the people" than most give credit for. I've met him on one of his walk abouts and he comes across as a real genuine person. Having said that, his job isn't an exersize in baby kissing, it's a serious job for serious guys. A Nation depends on his guidance and he gets an A+ there to.

Don't agree with his politics one bit but this is a very nice gesture and an honour. Its not every day that the PM will do something like this as its a great gesture.

only in Canada...pity...!!

Some guys will do anything for a couple of votes. Kidding, kidding. Nice gesture on his part. But what was he doing? Him and the security detail out for a fall drive? See some leaves, maybe down a jug of draft at the local?

Wow, really nice !

best wishes for couple. It was nice of Harper to stop by their wedding.

It was really wonderful of Harper and I am sure he will touch every person regardless any politics or party.

He's probably on his drive home from some event or meeting and asks his guys to drive through the park to enjoy the fall leaves. He sees a wedding and not many other people around and he decides it would be fun to get out and greet them. If I were prime minister I would love to do unscripted moments like that for fun. I'd love to drop in at a Wendy's and just get in line. I think I lot of people would do a double take. It would be fun. You've got to have breaks like that some times just to enjoy Canada. I have been a lot of places in Canada (but not Nunavut or Yukon yet) and it is an awesome country.

Yes it was a very nice gesture. Who wouldn't be freaked if The Prime Minister incredibly was passing by during your wedding photo shoot. Then gets out of his limo to congratulate you, and get into some pics. Priceless memories. But lets not get to warm and fuzzy over this. He could have left after rolling down the window and congratulating the happy couple. But since the Conservatives are on constant campaign mode, better to get your mug into a few shots with the bride and groom and their wedding party. Price of this campaign message? "0" Allot better than frittering away tax payer money on Action Plan commercials. All the best to you Jocelyne and Patrick you have experienced something few people get to, and you have the pictures to prove it. Something you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren. Sorry Stephen it's still not enough to convince me that your warm and fuzzy. Your still a politician looking for votes. But the real question is? What were you doing there? Looking for photo ops?.

prime minister HARPER what being a real canadian is all about

Way to go Harper. This is simply awesome!

After reading the story and viewing these pictures, I felt sense of pride in having Harper as our prime minister. Even if you don't agree with his ideas this still should make you smile. I do not believed that would have been at all planed or thought out before hand. Who wouldn't want the prime minister showing up at their wedding? I am certain this made their wedding many times more memorable.

I have to say it would be an odd occurence to have the Prime Minister show up at my wedding. I'm not so sure it would be a welcome occurence though. If the Primeminister now were to show up at my wedding, I certainly wouldn't be takibng photos with him, and I might ask him to leave. First I would grill him about all the good Canadian programs such as Katimaavik he's had cut, but then I'd give him the boot.

While I may not paticularily be a fan of Harper, this is great and it truly is so Canadian! Whether you support Harper or not, you cannot deny that the simplicity of this is great. It really enforces that concept, that feeling of community... we Canadians have been through our hardships but we stick together. Whether it's one of the most powerful men in the country or a pair of newlyweds, we are connected, we are a community, we are Canadian.

That was the most wonderful gesture a Prime Minister could ever make, by the look on the bride and groom`s faces they were beaming with ...

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