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Welcome to Orania, South Africa's only "purely" white town

Orania is a South Africa's only "purely" white town founded in the Northern Cape province in 1991 by Afrikaners, for Afrikaners opposed to the post-apartheid "rainbow nation," just after the release of Nelson Mandela. One thousand people live in Orania, and they try to be as self-sufficient as possible. They have their own money, as well as their own flag. Orania's population grows at nine per cent a year. It attracts Afrikaners who feel to be left out in the new South Africa, and who are scared of the country's high crime rates. The little town is protected by article 235 of South Africa's constitution, which guarantees the right of self-determination. But residents here are thinking big — their next goal is the creation of an Afrikaner Republic.

Photos taken by Stephane de Sakutin of AFP/Getty Images on April 17, 2013.



A young boy plays by a painted wall reading "Welcome in Orania" in Afrikaans.



Afrikaner pupils attend a lesson with their teacher.



A cashier holds Orania's currency notes.

More photos after the jump.


The de Beer family.



The Jonck family in front of their house.



Two farmers.



Gideon de Kock, the curator of the Orania Museum.



Radio presenters work at Orania's only local station.



Members of Orania's municipal council hold a meeting.



Carel Boshoff is president of the Orania movement and son of the late founder of Orania, Carel Boshoff, as well as great son-in-law of late prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd, who was the architect of the system of racial segregation known as apartheid.



Orania's town logo is a boy rolling up his sleeves. A statue depicting it (centre) is flanked by statues of apartheid heroes in a display above the town.



Orania's logo of a boy rolling up his sleeves is seen on a wall display.




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