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Cat and owner swim to safety during Alberta floods

Check out this dramatic series of images from High River, Alta., as floods washed through southern Alberta. Kevan Yaets crawled out the back window of his pickup truck with his cat Momo as flood waters swept them downstream and submerged the cab after the Highwood River overflowed its banks. Photos by Jordan Verlage of The Canadian Press.










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What a PHENOMENAL pet parent. A million THUMBS UP!!! :) :) :)

Fantastic photos! And, more importantly happy to see both owner and kitty are okay!

Last picture: Not a happy kitty.

You have the story slightly backward though. Everyone who associates with cats, knows that cats are the bosses. You know the saying... "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff".

Wonderful story! Thank goodness there are good stories to report!

Try getting these shots with an iPhone, Chicago Sun-Times. Awesome photos!

Great to see a real MAN who is kind to, loves animals, and who fights to save his cat's life as well as his own.

Thank God they are OK. I'm a cat owner and cat lover myself so I was sad to hear the man and his cat got caught in a flood but happy to know that they are OK.

God bless you for thinking of your cat too! Prayers are sent out to you and all who are affected by the flooding!

How kind of them to put the jacket around the cat. The best in people comes out at the worst of times.

Thank God both of you are safe! Take good care of Momo;) That is one special kitty!!

Very difficult to pick up a panicked cat in rushing water, when you have to swim yourself. Props to this man for being able to save both himself, and his beloved cat!

Love the story this series of images tells - very heartwarming! Especially love the last pic of the grumpy cat and its patient rescuers.

Fantastic pictures! Very happy that the cat owner, Kevan, saved himself and his feline. He's a good man who thought of his pet in a crisis.

Thank God that you are both safe!Looks like me and my cat.

He's awesome!!!

I love the last photo.
After all that the kitty flips out when the rescuer tries to carry her.

Haha, more like "Cat Leads Owner to Safety". Nice job Momo.

That cat is way ahead of his person. Maine Coons are often fond of water and he's a good swimmer. He's probably thinking "damn this water is cold. I'm heading for the nearest dry land--fast!"

I'm proud to say kevan is my friend and so incredibly happy that he is safe!

The jacket was probably more to protect the guy holding him! haha I have two cats and they DO NOT like water and you can tell it's the same with that little guy.

Beautiful! I was kind of thinking that the jacket was more to protect the guy. I love the one paw thrusting forth!

It warms my heart to see true animal lovers in action! I have 2 cats and 1 dog. They equal my furfamily. There is nothing I wouldn't do for them. Thank you for the precious pics of a real man saving himself and his cat, Momo. Prayers to ALL affected by the flooding. May you heal from this serious condition!
Sent with love.

God Bless Momo's pops! Sending prayers of blessings and thanks for you man! How cool and uplifting to see a MAN risk all for the life of his cat. There should really be more of you around. Bless.

Notice Kevan's shirt, Calgary Fire Department, way to go man!! All the best to you and Momo!!

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