Bottoms up for Royal goodies

Not to be outdone by all the commemorative goodies, Elgood's brewery has announced that it will be making a special beer in honour of the royal wedding. A BBC story descibes the lofty libation this way:

Windsor Knot, created by Elgood & Son Ltd, uses sovereign hops developed for the Queen's Golden Jubilee, honey and malt from the Sandringham Estate.

The brewer says the beer should be available in March, so there will be plenty of time to get used to those sovereign hops before the big day.

All well and good, but what if you want to show your love of all things royal on your way down to the pub for a couple of Windsor Knots? British shoemaker Hotter Comfort Concept has you covered.

Royal shoe

The Royal Shoe will be available in March and will make your inner Herb Tarlek very, very happy.

In (mostly) unrelated news, the maker of the Royal Wedding Sick Bag has a hit on her hands. 


Artist Lydia Leith has been selling the bags for £3, which, appropriately enough, come in either red and white or blue and white. Her website says that the first edition has sold out, but fear not, many more have been made and are available for purchase online. 

Before any devout monarchists out there get their commemorative knickers in a knot, Leith tells one website that she designed the bags as a bit of fun.

It’s just a bit of light-hearted fun. ... I don’t want anyone to use them (to be sick in). I think people will want to collect them. There are some who want a collection of everything.

She doesn't mention whether the bags would actually hold the ... er ... well, in case you needed to use them for ... you know.


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