Even fake invitations don't come cheap

Where’s there’s a Will (and Kate), there’s a way … to try a scam.

Invitation It’s only natural people are trying to cash in on the Royal Wedding and they’ll do it in the most inventive ways possible. There’s such a thing as crossing the line, though, and it looks like The Mail on Sunday uncovered one such enterprise.

The paper said that someone who claimed he was an employee working at the printing firm that produced the official royal wedding invitations offered a journalist a copy of the invite … for $3,200.

Apparently, the only difference between the fake and the real invitation is two dotted lines where the guests’ names are written in, which appears in the official version.

When shown a picture of the man, the official printer said he was not an employee.

The investigation, as they say, continues.

Ringside seat

For the person who has absolutely everything except an invitation to the royal wedding, here’s an idea.

The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, a five-star hotel in London, is offering a seven-day wedding package sure to please the most discerning royal watcher.

The itinerary covers seven days and includes  deluxe accommodations and tours of Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey, Spencer House, the British Museum and Institute of Contemporary Art.

So far it seems pretty tame, but there’s more.

A member of Winston Churchill’s family will personally lead a tour of Chartwell, the family’s home in Kent. And a Spencer family member will lead a tour and host lunch at Althorp, the ancentral home of Diana, Princess of Wales.

On the day of the wedding, guests will visit the rooftop terrace on the Institute of Contemporary Art on The Mall – the perfect vantage point for a view of the wedding parade route.

Once the parade has passed, it’s champagne and lunch in the gallery.

Ready to sign up?

No problem. Just have your cheque ready for $18,120 per person or $30,146 double occupancy.


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