Former girl/boyfriends not left out of wedding

You've got to hand it to the royal family, they don't hold grudges.  Following in the footsteps of his father, Prince William has invited two former girlfriends Jecca Craig and Olivia Hunt to his April 29 nuptials. Kate-eyes

Incase you haven't been tracking William's love life for the last 12 years, William reportedly met Jecca Craig when he was 16 and spent time at her families Lewa Downs game reserve in Kenya during his gap year.  The two continued to be friends after their relationship fizzled with Craig acting as a guide for William and Kate when they visited Kenya.  Craig now works as a party events manager in London.

Olivia Hunt dated William when he was at St. Andrews -- until he met Kate.  The three still ski together at Klosters and Hunt recently dated William van Cutsem, the son of a friend of Prince Charles.

Prince Charles invited four former girlfriends to his wedding to Camilla Parkers Bowles in 2005.  The list included Lucia Santa Cruz, who dated the Prince while he was at Cambridge; Amanda Knatchbull, the first woman Charles proposed to; Sabrina Guiness, and the Duke of Wellington's daughter Lady Jane Wellesley. 

Don't worry, Kate hasn't been left out as the bride's former love interest Rupert Finch is expected at the wedding ceremony.

It seems Kate has made sure her wedding list keeps the 'commoner' touch to it. The Sunday Times reports that her list includes the local Berkshire butcher, the postman, a pub landlord, and the Indian-born convenience store shopkeeper.

Beats for the big day

Royal revelers: Feel free to crank up the music at your April wedding street party, the PRS has waived the normal licensing fees levied on the public use of music.

The group that ensures songwriters, composers and music publishers get some cash when their music is used has decided the royal nuptials are deserving of the world's music free of cost.

"We want to help the nation enjoy this special event and not have to worry about getting a licence for this one-off period," said Keith Gilbert, director of public performance sales told Reuters.

Time to get out the Rolling Stones.

Counting down

Get your thrills crossing off the days as you countdown to the  royal wedding date circled on your calendar? You should probably get out more, and now these apps will allow you to continue your unhealthy royal countdown while going about your daily life.

If you have an android phone try the Royal Wedding Countdown application. It displays the days, hour, minutes and seconds left to the wedding day and “plays a trumpet fanfare when you press the Royal Coat of Arms!”

iPhone users, you haven’t been forgotten. With this Royal Wedding Countdown app fanfares are replaced by grinning caricatures of William and Kate.

And if you do not yet operate in the land of the smartphone try this hideous desktop clock as your computer’s wallpaper.



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Well, they invite exes (which is really tacky and in poor taste), but he won't invite his aunt Fergie, the mother of his cousins. Again tacky and in poor taste. The whole thing wreaks.

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