How did Kate do at her royal engagements?

Kate Middleton has now survived two very public royal engagements; pouring a bottle of champagne over a lifeboat in Wales on Thursday and returning to St. Andrews University to kick start their 600th anniversary celebrations on Friday. 

While the princess-to-be always knew she was going to be in the public eye when she signed on to marrying Prince William, actually being thrust into the spotlight can overwhelm the best-coached royal newbie. So, how has the Kate fared in the eyes of the press and the adoring public?

Middleton-double copy “The bride-to-be, with a dazzling smile, quickly charmed the crowd of more than 1,000 people and bent to speak to the youngest, drawing flattering comparisons with Princess Diana,” declared the Daily Mail after she posed glowing by the life raft.

“Utterly approachable, showing a distinct lightness of touch and comfortably relaxed: this was Kate Middleton accompanying Prince William yesterday on their first formal joint outing since their engagement – and the cheering crowds in Anglesey responded with joy” the Telegraph joined in.

Fashion guru Tim Gunn praised her fashion choices on ABC’s 'Good Morning America'.

"She has a sophistication and a taste level that is really unexpected in someone so young. She's clearly very fashion savvy," Gunn told the show, adding Kate “understands counterpoint” with the sleek pairing a headpiece with a tailored coat for her Welsh outing.

But there are signs Willilam's fiancée could be feeling a little overwhelmed as she sets upon a lifetime of royal smiling-and-waving tours, with Middleton sporting the same red dress suite from her personal wardrobe for both her morning appearance at St. Andrews and then later at the New Zealand Embassy, a more sombre occasion where she, William and Prince Harry signed a book of condolences for earthquake victims.

And while she looked gracious and effortless waving to the crowd in Scotland, her comments to onlookers showed she was still getting used to the public attention as the crowds of on-lookers jostled to get her attention and shrieks of "he touched me!" could be heard after William shook someone's hand.

Abigail Pearson, a 22-year-old student from Staffordshire, told the Guardian she offered her best wishes to Middleton for her wedding. "She [Kate] replied 'Thank you so much, it does feel a little weird coming back here but it is very nice'," she said.

Inez Gordon, a student from Germany, told the BBC:  "Kate seemed very overwhelmed and said 'oh my gosh, there are so many people' as she walked towards us."

But her smiled stayed glued on the whole time.


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