Is William's favourite childhood dish fit for a royal wedding?

The man who cooked for Prince William and Harry from the days they were in diapers to their adolescence has offered some ideas as to what the newest royal couple could be dishing up for guests on their wedding day.

Cottage pie was William's favourite dish as a child, according to McGrady. 

Darren McGrady was the Senior Chef at Buckingham Palace before becoming Princess Diana's cook at Kensington Palace.

So what does he foresee on the menu? British fare.

But not in the opulence of Charles and Diana’s wedding.  "The royal family will not want to be seen as going backwards and actually having a big, seven-course meal with a soup course and a fish course,” McGrady told People magazine. "They will want to make it more modern." 

Fish and chips for everyone? "No," says McGrady.

Guests to the reception immediately after the wedding ceremony can instead expect champagne, canapés and heavy h'ors d'oeuvres, such as smoked salmon, pâté and mini sausage rolls, reports People, with McGrady noting that within the compounds of Buckingham Palace the sausage rolls are normally the first to go.

At the evening dinner for family and friends, McGardy predicts Gaelic steaks, but wouldn’t be surprised if cottage pie showed up somewhere on the menu as the dish "was William's all-time favorite" when he was a child, he says.

Charles and Diana’s wedding dinner had more of a continental note with a special Supreme de Volaille Princess de Galles (or chicken supreme Princess of Wales style) prepared in her honour. But while French in name, the dish featured ingredients from across the UK. Guests were also offered lobster, lamb and strawberries and cream before the 255-pound wedding cake was brought in.

Champagne and the accompanying military band helped add to the guests' indigestion.

No Problem Orchestra, an eight-member music ensemble made up of mentally disabled musicians from Austria, has been booked to play at William and Kate's wedding reception, but that hasn't stopped other musicians from throwing their hat in the ring.

Snoop Dog declared his single 'Wet' "the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin'."

DJ Mark Ronson tweeted: "i think i'm not getting asked to dj the royal wedding. totally cool. just putting it out there that i am available to DJ the royal stag-do."

Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill also offered the band’s services.
And with Kanye West reportedly on the guest list, who knows, maybe their will be a reception singalong.


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