New dress, hat or nose?

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, British socialite and friend of Prince Charles, is off to the royal wedding.  But while other invitees fret over finding the right shoes in time, Palmer-Tomkinson is worried about getting a new nose. Tara copy

"If I can get my nose fixed for the wedding that would be ideal," she told the Daily Mail. "I’m not sure it’s going to be possible but hopefully something can be done in time."

The once model and TV presenter and now writer once had a $640-a-day cocaine addiction that led to the collapse of the area between her nostrils.  She has since undergone operations to repair the damage, but lately her nose has been seen bent to the right.

Prince William goes extreme

Prince William will be keeping his stag party well away from the public with an extreme sports do in a Devon marina at the mouth of the River Ex.  For around $150 each, party-goers will wakeboard before being treated to a barbeque at the nearby Turf pub before retiring at a private estate.

Wakeboarding not sounding that extreme to you? Picture Prince Harry behind the wheel of the power boat towing you.

What landed on Kate Middleton's head?

Middleton For her first royal engagement since becoming Williams’s fiancé, Kate Middleton preformed like a true member of the royal clan: immaculately dressed, smiling and gracious and sporting the obligatory hat that looked like a bird had died in an unfortunate attack on her head.

Designed by Vivien Sheriff, the headpiece can only be expected to sell out soon. The company also offers a bridal range of hats, so maybe we can expect a bleached pigeon at the wedding ceremony.


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