What to get the royal couple?

If you’re stuck on what to buy the royal couple as a wedding gift, why not have a look through the official gifts catalogue from Charles and Diana’s wedding for some inspiration? Currently for sale on eBay, the St. James’ Palace issued souvenir documents the presents received by the pair from commoners and heads of state alike, including:

  • crocheted lace made from yarn spun by Mahatma Gandhi (Indian government)
  • solid gold model of an Arab dhow
  • silver-plated mousetrap
  • a racehorse
  • 100 year-old gloves
  • 'The Complete English Traveller'' by George Spence, which was first published in 1771. (Cambridge University)
  • engraved Steuben glass bowl (American government)
  • 20 handcrafted silver platters (Australian government)
  • all-wool broadloom carpet (New Zealand government)
  • oil painting by the American artist Henry Kohler of Prince Charles playing polo (American government)
  • whisky (Scotland)
  • porcelain figures (West German government)

Cross those off your list.

Well wishers, including the 1,900 who are getting invitations to the wedding, can always turn to hand made gifts like street artist Rich Simmons did with his mural of the soon-to-be married couple painted as punk 'royalty.'

A newly unveiled graffiti portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton by street artist Rich Simmons, in London, Friday, Feb. 11, 2011. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

If your artistic flare is feeling a little doused you could always go store bought route by getting the couple a pair of charming royal wedding souvenir garden gnomes or a case of "Kiss Me Kate" beer, being prepared by a brewer in Nottingham for the big day.

"Kiss Me Kate will be elegant, tasteful and British to the core," head brewer Adrian Redgrove told the Nottingham Post. "We're sure it'll be the ideal way to toast the couple's future happiness."



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Give them a copy of the Globe and Mail article on Saturday, Feb 19, where the columnist thinks William's grandmother is Queen Victoria. Funnier than intended !

How about ZILCH, Nada, Nothing, Zero? Don't recall them giving us anything!

how about a recording of the Sex Pistols "God Save the Queen"?

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