Where to put a church full of hungry diplomats...

Foreign dignitaries do love their canapés and unfortunately for the British taxpayer a sudden influx of smoked salmon into the capital could spell a larger publicly paid royal wedding bill.

CanapeWhile 600 guests will make it to Buckingham Palace for the wedding breakfast (paid for by the Queen) and 300 to the evening dinner (paid for by Prince Charles) a large number of foreign dignitaries and other well-travelled types will be left wandering the streets of London without a post-wedding lunch. 

And that’s where the British taxpayer could step in, according to the Daily Mail. While wedding guests not invited to the receptions after Charles and Diana’s wedding poured into hotels like the Goring, near Buckingham Palace, and the Stafford, at Green Park, to pay for their own food, a reception with basic refreshments hosted by British Foreign Secretary William Hague is being planned for those left out in the cold after William and Kate’s nuptials.

The paper expects the cost of the food tent to come in around $150,000. It will be paid for by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which is funded by the taxpayer.

Royal staff have apparently been advised to prepare for the event which will be hosted in marquees on the grounds of the Royal Hospital.

“No final decision has been made,” a Foreign Office source told that paper. “It is seen as a consolation for a lot of the powerful heads of state and influential dignitaries who simply can’t fit into the Palace.”


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Logistical nightmare. Perhaps the nobs may while away the afternoon a la an Italian wedding: lotsa loud folk music and jugs of wine. The accordion music would drown out any diplomatic verbal faux pas; the flowing wine will speed up the passage of time. LOL.

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