Economy flight story has William soaring

There are signs that Prince William's already high popularity in the colonies is set to reach new lofty heights. William's visits to New Zealand and Australia (photos here, here and here) appear to have been well received. This from the Sydney Morning Herald:

"He's been putting smiles on people's faces, he's really been reaching out to people," Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale told reporters.

And this from the New Zealand Herald:

The Prince was met with cheers from a three-deep crowd who stood behind a security barrier at a corner of the park near the Avon River.

But a new report could send William's stock into the stratosphere. According to The Telegraph, William travelled from Auckland to Christchurch in economy class under the pseudonym Mr. Pinkerton-Smith. 

The Prince and his security team are understood to have taken their seats with other passengers in the economy class cabin of an Air New Zealand Boeing 737 on the flight from Auckland to the earthquake-stricken city of Christchurch.

A Google search for more on this only revealed references to the Telegraph story, which is a little suspect, especially considering the flight was about a week ago and you would think that somebody on the flight would have realized, at least in retrospect, that they were sitting near the future King of England. Not that the story is beyond the realm of possibility. A domestic flight between the two Kiwi cities would not likely raise a lot of security fears. And if true, this story would do wonders for William's image as more of an everyman.

William's favourite cocktail 

A recent report in the Scottish Courier could easily take the prize for the most torqued headline of the week (if there were such a thing): 

St Andrews barman's memories of a thirsty Prince William

You're probably thinking 'Here we go: William was a boozy party animal while at St. Andrews.' Well, not exactly. The only reference to a beverage in the story is the following quote from bartender in question (Graeme Dawson):

William and Kate visited together and he would order non-alcoholic fruit cocktails — I think he was trying to keep healthy when he was here.

In fact, the picture that emerges of William from this bartender is of a pretty nice chap:

William was a really friendly face and people round here remember that. He is a genuine guy.

But having promised readers something juicy about William's drinking habits, the article finishes appropriately enough:

It goes without saying that, should the groom require a drink to calm his nerves, Graeme will be more than happy to do the honours. 

Yes, and if a frog had wings, it wouldn't bump its butt. 


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The "colonies"? Is this the 1860s? New Zealand and Australia are independent kingdoms now. I'm sure the inhabitents thereof wouldn't take kindly at all to being referred to as colonials.

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