Did Kate get a photoshop makeover?


The UK celebrity magazine Grazia has a beautiful picture of the new Duchess of Cambridge. But how much of it is real?

We all know that the new Duchess of Cambridge is thin. But is she as thin as the magazine Grazia would have us believe?

The cover of the glossy celebrity publication this week shows a Kate that appears to have been run through Photoshop.

The website Jezebel took the magazine to task for what it alleges is some air-brushing to take a few pounds off the already-thin bride before moving her image in front of a Union Jack. Kate's torso, too, appears to be longer.

Plus, in the original photo, Kate's hand was extended and perched on the Prince William's hand.

The magazine admitted that in order to get the picture they wanted, they removed William and "adapted" Kate's arm.

However, the magazine also denied shaving anything off the waistline: "No changes whatsoever were made to the image to make the Duchess with the purpose or effect of making her appear slimmer."




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