Have Harry and Chelsy split for good?


Hold off on that talk about Prince Harry following his brother William down the matrimonial aisle.

The word out of London is that the Harry has split with his long-time girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Again.

Chelsy davy The couple has reportedly ended their seven-year relationship that has become famous for its on-again, off-again status.

"Even though Chelsy and Harry have very strong feelings for one another, Chelsy had to let him go,” a friend has told the UK magazine Grazia. “They've been together so long the next stage would be an engagement."

The breaking point may have been last month’s royal wedding, when Davy had a first-hand look (right photo) at what a new member of the Royal Family has to go through.

"Harry is besotted with Chelsy,” another source told the magazine. “She is the love of his life, but Chelsy is adamant she doesn't want to lose her independence.”

The Zimbabwe-born Davy, a lawyer in training, was Harry’s date for the royal wedding and it was thought the pair was once again on the road to marriage after splitting last year.

However, the Daily News reported last week that Davy, 25, will spend the summer travelling through Europe with her friend Melissa Percy, sans Harry. There was a tentative plan to re-unite in Spain at the end of July.

The source of much of the couple’s friction over the last few years had been Harry’s “bad boy” escapades. While her re-emergence at the royal wedding was a sign of better times, it probably didn’t help that the media did some wild post-wedding speculation on the potential of Harry romancing Pippa Middleton, the maid of honour for her sister Kate.

Of course, the Windsor boys have had a checkered history with women. Before Prince William finally popped the question to Kate Middleton, the pair had also gone through a separation.


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