Kate's Reiss dress will return ... via Romania

The good news for Kate Middleton wannabes is that the Reiss ‘Shola’ dress that sold out within hours of her wearing one earlier this week is going to be re-stocked.

Kate-Reiss However, the ongoing saga of this much sought-after doesn't end there. The Daily Mail is also reporting that the $280 dress is made in a Romanian factory by women making just $1.60 an hour, below the average wage for textile workers in the Eastern European nation.

Kate wore the dress during a brief meet-and-greet session with President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Almost immediately, Reiss’s online store was overwhelmed with orders and crashed.  All 1,000 dresses in its inventory were sold and the store suggested it would not be bringing in more.

Reiss has since changed its mind and has ordered 600 more dresses that will be available within six weeks and sold on a “first come, first served basis.” Reiss has 65 stores worldwide, but none in Canada.

The Mail revealed that the dress is made in the Rimcor Ex factory in Bucharest and that the cost of making the dress is about $24. A Reiss spokesperson told the paper that the workers’ pay was above Romania’s minimum wage and that government inspectors had “no concerns” with the factory.

“Factory costs for a dress are a small part of the overall cost. We purchase premium fabrics from European mills and quality trimming,” said the spokesperson.

Although the Shola-design has sold out, there were many available via the auction site eBay in the UK, where some sellers were asking more than $700. The supermarket chain Tesco is also manufacturing a copy of the dress that will sell for about $50.

No peeking, please

Perhaps the most shocking thing of all to emerge from Kate and William's honeymoon in the Seychelles is that there hasn't (yet) been a single photograph published from their 10-day getaway.

Amazing, really, in this age of digital papparazzi, even in spite of the pleas from St. James's Palace that the media respect the privacy of the royal couple.

The Daily Telegraph has revealed that it has seen a photograph of the newlyweds walking along the beach at their Seychelles North Island resort, but will not publish it "out of respect for the couple’s privacy."

The paper said photographs have also been offered to other papers.

When asked about the photos, a palace spokesman told the paper: “The couple had a reasonable expectation of privacy during their honeymoon and we would ask that all media organisations respect that.

“We would ask that no pictures of the couple be printed, regardless of the circumstances in which they were taken.”

So far, the royal wish is the media's command.


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I don't see the fuss over this dress. It's beige, it's bland and, worst of all, it's exploiting Eastern European women. Way to go Kate.

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