A royal cook-off

(Mathieu Belanger/Reuters)

While protesters tried to out shout each other in front of the Quebec Tourism and Hotel Institute, the Duke of Cambridge battled Quebec premier Jean Charest inside the institute's kitchen.

Inside the building, the royal couple and Charest and his wife Michele wore cooking jackets with their names sewn on.

The Charests and the royals helped the culinary students prepare different parts of the meal.

At one point, the Duke announced that his lobster souffle looked better than the premier's, which didn't rise very well.

"It's a bit of a souffle-off," William said.

Charest couldn't catch a break, and when the Duchess served up a perfect plate of lamb, he spoke his mind. "Show off!"

- Katie Daubs with files from CP


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That is more like it when it comes to a welcome. Out side the anti monarchist got their 15 minutes and inside the real people who happen to be royal and the premier and his wife had a good time. Bravo Quebec I was concerned that the rude people had taken over.

"The Charests"?
Please be aware that in Quebec, women keep their maiden name when they marry. Therefore, Mr. Charest and his wife shouldn't be referred to as "The Charests" but as Mr. Charest and Mrs. Dionne.

I like to see the doing the daily activities that all the rest of us do... Is refreshing...

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