Eternal sun and Jacko style: Lessons learned on the royal trail in Yellowknife

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, right, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, paddle a canoe on July 5 in Blachford Lake in Yellowknife. (Andy Clark-Pool/GETTY IMAGES)

Today was my first day in Yellowknife.  Here's what I learned.

1) It might look like grey drizzle outside, but you really should check the forecast. Wearing a sweater, and white socks with black flats is a terrible idea when it's going to turn into 30 C within minutes. Some of the Brits might tell you you've got a bit of a Michael Jackson look going on. It's distracting.

2) Flying carry on means you have to buy razors and other knife related items in every city you visit. The thing is, the cheapest razor at the Yellowknife Shopper's Drugmart is a 10 pack of razors for $3.99.  You can't just buy a single razor these days. And even though you hate to waste, you can't go selling razors on the street, or even give them away. That would be really weird and people might think you're part of a cult.

3) Yellowknife is small. You can walk to all the events.  People are honest here. They'll say they're looking to see the Prince because there's nothing going on that day, and Blue Rodeo hasn't been up in a while.  What a great place.

4) The sun really doesn't go down. If it's 1 a.m., it looks like 7 p.m.   It looked like mid afternoon till about 11 p.m.  The sun seeps into the cracks in the windows.

5) Never say to someone, "So this is your mom?" It will most likely be the woman's friend, and you will not have an easy way out. It is best to just abort the mission at this point, or ask, always, "So this is your friend?"

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge laugh as they receive Team Canada hockey jerseys after they took part in ball hockey in Yellowknife. (Look who's Number One.) (Nathan Denette/CANADIAN PRESS)


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