From Katie Daubs, who is on the royal tour trail for the Star:

When the royal couple arrived at Fort Levis, hundreds cheered as they did a walkabout.

The cheers were the same kind that greeted the pair in Ottawa: professions of love and welcome.
The only boos came when the media blocked the view.

"This is historic. You don't often get to meet a princess," Maryse Jolicouer said in French, adding that the duchess took time to speak to her daughters.
Her 10 year old daughter, Anne Catherine, said the duchess inspires her, "because I want to be a princess."

Before they left Quebec, the royal couple had a lunch at the Citadelle with household staff and their Canadian equerry.
Meanwhile, in PEI, hundreds of people arrived outside the Charlottetown airport holding Union Jacks and commemorative t-shirts.  Will and Kate are scheduled to land at 6:50 local time.
After they land they are attending a private reception.

-Katie Daubs with files from CP pool


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