'Horrible!': Queen calls royal dress exhibit 'creepy'

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Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth take a tour of the royal wedding exhibit that is part of Buckingham Palace's summer tour. (Getty Images)

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The first review is in of the the new royal wedding exhibit at Buckingham Palace and it comes from the Queen herself: "Horrible."

As reported by the Daily Mail, that was Queen Elizabeth's reaction upon seeing the wedding dress display, in which the veil and tiara hover over a headless mannequin.

"Horrid," said the Queen, her voiced raised. "Horrible."

"'It's made to look very creepy," the paper reports her as saying to the Duchess of Cambridge, who accompanied the Queen on the preview tour of the exhibit which opens Saturday.

The bride herself, Kate, responded that the display had "a 3D effect."

It's doubtful that the Queen's mini-review will have a negative effect on the success of the overall exhibit at her London home, which also has other wedding memorabilia as well as Palace collections.

More than 127,000 tickets have already been sold and officials are expecting 650,000 to file past the grown designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Price of the tour is about $27 Canadian.

Besides the dress, veil and tiara won by Kate, the wedding exhibit will include her size 7½ wedding shoes, earrings and a silk replica of her bouquet. The wedding cake is also on display in the state dining room. The top three layers are replicas, with two of the original layers being saved for the christening of the couple's first child.

"It's absolutely fantastic,” Victoria Mather, contributing editor of Vanity Fair magazine, told CBS. “I mean, it's lifted, having the Duchess of Cambridge's dress there has lifted the whole exhibit."

Indeed. Advance ticket sales for the annual Palace tour are up 107 per cent from the same point last year. The Palace's previous high attendance for the summer tour was 420,000 in 1994.

The price of the ticket also entitles tourists to take in 19 state rooms and a display of about 100 pieces from the royals’ Fabrerge collection.

The tour starts July 23 and runs to Oct. 3.

Kate's appearance with the Queen was her first in front of cameras since the royal tour of Canada and California ended July 10. For this occasion, What Kate Wore reports, she wore a dress by Joseph and 'Lovely' pumps by Jimmy Choo.


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Oh wow, she's right, it is creepy! Love the queen, she tells it like it is. I wonder if she thinks the dress is creepy too, I thought it was, it reminded me of an older English doily.

i agree with what the Queen said...it gives me the creeps...tell them to change the lighting and put in a tanned mannequin with a wig that looks like Kate's hair and that should fix the "creepiness" of the atmosphere.....

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