On the royal trail: 5 lessons learned as Canadian tour wraps up

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, wear their new Smithbilt cowboy hats as they arrive for a rodeo demonstration in Calgary. (David Rose/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

This tour is about to wrap its Canadian portion. A look at the lessons I learned while following the royals through Calgary:

1) There is nothing more pleasing than seeing the very eloquent British reporters wearing white cowboy hats on assignment.

2) People from Calgary do not mess around. In PEI, people camped overnight for their spot to see Will and Kate. Here, in the land of oil money and efficiency, they chain their lawnchairs to sewer grates and sleep in their beds. We can all learn something from these people.

3) Restocking the wardrobe on a deadline turns a person into a robot. "I need a dress for a black tie affair, and I have 10 minutes before I have to catch a bus. What do you suggest? That one? I'll take it."

4) You start to really feel for the photographers around this time. Especially when some reporter tries to wedge their way into the front row with a point-and-shoot camera to get a photo that can only be terrible, or for their mother.

5) You know it will soon be time to disengage when you start dreaming about the royals. Two of us had dreams about the royal tour Thursday night. A photographer dreamed he got his accreditation yanked. I dreamed Kate Middleton was hanging out with my family, and my brother called her Pippa. I asked her how many outfits she brought to Canada and she wouldn't tell me, and I was all, 'Come on, Kate. Do me a solid here.'  But she wasn't having it.


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The 5 things I learned on the Royal Tour, VERY FUNNY.
specially the last two comments.
I also dream of meeting the ROYALS

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