Pippa power alive and well

In case anyone has forgotten, Kate Middleton has a sister.

Tatler Name’s Pippa. You may have heard of her. Same good looks, nice hair, nice …. well, we’ll leave it at that.

While Kate has been getting all the attention on this side of the ocean with the royal tour, Pippa hasn’t been lost in the spotlight in the UK.

She’s now on the August cover of Tatler magazine, a publication featuring the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Pippa is the second Middleton to grace the cover. Kate was the cover girl in February with an Andy Warhol-type treatment. Pippa’s picture is one taken from the royal wedding, accessorized with a wreath of colorful flowers.

The article is simply titled ‘Pippa. The bottom line,’ a not-so-subtle reference to the media frenzy that enveloped the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister when her back end became the focus of photos from the royal wedding.

Tatler Kate In the article, writer Annabel Rivkin poses the scenario that surrounds the 27-year-old: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that, post-Diana, we need to respect the Duchess of Cambridge's personal space. But it appears to be open season on her sister — will she blossom or buckle under the pressure?”

The author also lists some potential suitors for Pippa, though her appearance at Wimbledon with ex-cricketer Alex Loudon suggests that, contrary to rumours, the two have not split. If that’s not the case, some names to consider: Robert Kennedy III, Prince Andrea Casiraghi, James Blunt.

Then again, maybe Kate has found some possibilities for her sister from her travels in Canada. Suggestions?


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Why don't you all give these folks a break, people can only take so much before they get annoyed. I know you have to do your job but there are times when you go overboard.

Shawn White would be the perfect match for Pippa.

I don't think Pippa would be interested in any of the three because of difference between their interest. She is more sport oriented than the three. For that reason Shawn White, the American snowboarder and Olympic gold medalist would be a perfect match. Although Prince Andrea Casiraghi is strikingly gorgeous...

While she's attractive and in good shape like the majority of twenty somethings, Kate definitely has more of a natural regal stature, a more dazzling smile and prettier face and the best shaped legs (bar none) that go on forever, and has absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about now that we've been bombarded by the sight of her perfect left glute. I do, however, feel publishing that photo of her was a low-class shot but hope and bet Wills loved it just the same as every part of Kate is drop-dead gorgeous. Just the thought of the two of them as King and Queen someday elicits much hope and inspiration for many of us.

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