Royal hairdresser aims for William's scalp

Prince William would be smart to have a hair transplant, says Queen's Elizabeth's hairdresser.

It was inevitable that Prince William would endure hair loss. You just have to look at his father and grandfather to see the trend.

William hair But that doesn’t mean he has to put up with it.

So says someone who spends plenty of time surveying royal scalps  – the Queen’s own hairdresser.

“I think William should have a hair transplant,” Ian Carmichael tells London’s Daily Express. “I know he doesn’t want to because he thinks people would criticize him for it, but there’s really no shame in it. It’s not just (soccer star) Wayne Rooney, so many men are having them.”

Of course, it’s easy for Carmichael to talk. He has a full head of hair that won’t be threatened with baldness anytime soon.

It’s not in the royal tradition to do nipping, tucking or plugging, so it’s unlikely the hair for the heir movement will gain much traction. Still, there are those that may yearn for the days when William’s locks were plentiful (right) and Kate, the future Duchess of Cambridge, hadn’t yet worked her charms on the young prince.

“William should have started the process a while ago because then nobody need notice,” said Carmichael, who has tended the Queen’s hair for 15 years. “Now there is no way he could do it without people knowing.”

There are any number of conventional ways William might otherwise try to hide his follicle shortcomings, from hats to hairpieces, and a few unconventional too. Upon hearing of William’s plight, Prince bald the His Hair Clinics offered what they call an MHT treatment, which consists of changing the scalp’s pigmentation so you can at least look like you have real hair. They even supplied an artist’s rendition of what William might look like (right).

The Duke of Cambridge would undoubtedly prefer that his hair is not an issue, but when you are one-half of a royal team that makes the celebrity A-list, the looks are always an issue.

“William had braces on his teeth when he was younger and it’s the same principle,” said Carmichael. “It’s all cosmetic, isn’t it? Hair and teeth are the key to looking young.”


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