Royal ride 'ready to fight'


(Phil Noble/REUTERS)

On Saturday night, Will and Kate will sleep on HMCS Montreal as the patrol frigate made its way to Quebec City, along the St. Lawrence River. The ship's motto, "Ton Bras Sait Porter L'epee," means "ready to fight"

Not a bad motto when the royal reception in Quebec is so mixed. Separatist groups see the royal family as a symbol of British oppression, but so far protests in Montreal have been peaceful.

According to the Navy's website, HMCS Montreal has long range surface and air surveillance, long-range missiles, a 57 mm automatic gun, and torpedoes. No word on room service.

- Katie Daubs


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Sorry but 'Ton bras sait porter l'epee' doesn't mean 'Ready to fight'. It means 'your arm knows how to carry the sword'. It really irks me when I see translation not done properly as it misleads the people who don't understand the language or the meaning. Same as 'Ready to Fight' is 'Pret a se battre'.

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