Harry's wandering eye blamed for split

It appears there may have been more to the break-up between Prince Harry and Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

Florence Contrary to reports from the Prince’s side of things, friends of the lingerie model are now saying that it was she was the one who dumped Harry to end the two-month long relationship.

“She felt he had a wandering eye all the time and she wasn’t really into not knowing who he was flirting with or ­talking to when they were apart,” a source told the Daily Mirror in London.

Originally, the word was that Harry didn’t want to be “tied down” while he pursued his military career that will likely take him to Afghanistan next year after some Apache helicopter training in the U.S.

The turning point with ‘Flee’ apparently happened last month when the couple attended a music festival, according to the model’s friend.

“At one point Harry was in an area of the festival known as the Tractor Shed flirting with another pretty blonde.

“Flee saw he was chatting to her and got very jealous and disappointed.”

Whatever the truth is in this he-said-she-said scenario, it's plain that Harry doesn’t seem to get too upset at this wandering love life. While vacationing in Spain last month he was spotted as several parties, chatting up the fawning females.

Brudenell-Bruce’s unnamed friend told the Mirror there isn’t any bad blood between the two and they will still likely bump into each other on the party circuit.

“In a few years’ time when Harry is ready to settle maybe things could work. But Flee wouldn’t sit around and wait all that time.”

Neither will Harry. Betting is he’ll have made a few more conquests before he’s ready to follow his big brother to the altar.


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Like father like son, like grandfather, like father.

Right...as if she would break up with the Prince!!

Well, he learned from the best, his dad.

Harry is better off without this girl, she looks like trouble down the road.

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