Scoop! Kate's having a baby. Or not.

A brief tour of the latest Kate Middleton ‘news’ making the web rounds today has uncovered the following:

Bears 1) Kate may already be pregnant.

2) Kate has had a miscarriage.

3) Kate is losing more weight.

Wow. This Duchess is putting her body through one heck of a workout.

Of course, there’s always the chance that one of these things is true, but the rumour factory isn’t necessarily worried about the legitimacy of the claims.

Sell the sizzle, even when there’s no steak.

There’s enough of an appetite (even if Kate doesn’t have one) to demand constant royal news ... even when there isn’t much, the digital universe is full of it.

Privacy is not an option, especially for the royals, so most of the time they put up with the over-the-top stuff. Heck, they like to play the PR game as much as anyone. Occasionally, though, they complain to the British Press Complaints Commission if the imaginary line in the sand is crossed.

The Middleton family, new to this game, are a little more sensitive. Pippa Middleton registered two harassment complaints post-royal wedding, both offending papers offering an “oops, sorry” mea culpea in response.

Other royals are a little more touchy. Witness Monaco’s Prince Albert suing a French publication for rumours about a rift in his marriage to Charlene Wittstock.

The regular gossip, like today’s searches, is almost harmless by comparison, though media credibility comes into question.

As usual, it demands a discerning reader.



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