William has a new nickname: Teletubby

While everybody seems to worry about Kate’s weight, there’s at least one person paying attention to Prince William’s waistline – his brother Harry.

Teletubbies He has taken to calling his older brother “Teletubby,” reports the Sun in London.

"William is very content as a married man and has been enjoying his food,” a source told the paper. “He has put on a few pounds and looks very healthy. Unfortunately for him, Harry sees a bit of a spare tyre as ammunition – and immediately nicknamed Wills the Teletubby.”

For those young enough to remember, “Teletubbies” was a kids show produced by the BBC and seen on PBS in the late 1990s. It featured a family of rather rotund beings from another planet.

William, who gets plenty of exercise as a search and rescue pilot, has apparently packed on a few pounds since his wedding to Kate in April, perhaps a testament to his wife’s cooking skills at their home in Wales.

The royal source says William has admitted to Harry that his wetsuit has become a bit too snug.

"He may need a more forgiving fit but there is no suggestion he is really overweight,” the source told the Sun. "Kate loves it - she says it makes him cuddly."

Brothers being brothers, Harry isn’t going to let a few extra pounds go unnoticed.

“"He also asked his brother if he knows who has eaten all the pies. It's typical banter from Harry."


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