The Sexy Six: Europe's top royal couples

Kate and William made another best-of list this week, this one for Coolest Couples of the summer of 2011.

Frankly, It would have been difficult for them not to crack that list considering their profile, but then again they only finished third in the Parade.com poll, behind Will Smith-Jada Pinkett and Jennifer Garner-Ben Affleck.

Go figure. Hardy seems fair to lump royals in with Hollywood types, so we've emerged with a new list, stacking up the sexiest European royal couples (well, as sexy as royals are allowed to get anyway). William and Kate are an automatic on this list too, so to keep the list interesting we'll make our Top 5 a Top 6. (Or Kate Plus 5, if you will).


 6. Denmark's Crown Prince Frederic and Princess Mary

Prince Frederik-Princess Mary
Happy-go-lucky bachelor Frederic, heir apparent to the Danish throne, finally settled down to wed an Australian marketing consultant, Mary Donaldson, in 2004. The couple has four children. Mary habitually makes the lists of the world's best dressed women and has become a much admired woman in her adopted country for the efforts she made to made sure she learned the Danish language.

5. Jordan's King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein and Queen Rania

Queen Rania

This pair has been married since 1993 and have four children. Fashionable and outgoing, they have also been the subject of corruption allegations and are living in an Arab world that is undergoing huge upheaval. In a region where royalty has become suspect, they still manage to maintain high public standing at home and abroad. The ever-photogenic Rania is the world’s youngest queen at 41 and one of its most energetic. She leads a variety of domestic and international causes largely focussed on education.

4. Spain's Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia

Princess Letizia and Crown Prince Felipe

Felipe, Prince of Asturias, is next in line for the Spanish throne. He and Princess Letizia have been married since 2004 and have two girls. Two unusual aspects to this couple. One, Letizia had been married before, albeit briefly. Second, she was a journalist before marrying Felipe. Sort of a Spanish version of 'sleeping with the enemy.'

3. The Netherlands' Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Alexander

This is a couple that got off to a rocky start. Maxima is the daughter of a politician who was a minister in the repressive regime of Jorge Videla. She met Willem-Alexander in 1999 and controversey about her father's past dogged them after they announced their marriage in 2001. Neither of her parents attended the wedding. Despite stumbling out the gate, the couple has emerged as one of Europe's most popular couples, displaying an uncommonly common touch in their everyday lives as raise their three daughters. Maxima was even named the most popular Dutch royal, even beating out Queen Beatrix.

2. Sweden's Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria

Princess victoria-Daniel Westling
Crown Princess Victoria is next in line for the Swedish throne and for her consort she chose Daniel Westing, a personal trainer. Like the case of Will and Kate, the marriage of these two in 2010 prompted a spike in interest in the Swedish royal family. That popularity heightened more last month when it was announced the couple is expecting their first child in March 2012.

1. Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge


Prince William and kate

 No need to get too much into this couple. Their slow journey into royals duties seems to only heighten the public's interest in their lives. The couple maintains a home in London's Kensington Palace, but they manage to spend most of their time in Wales, where they lead very non-royal lives. Kate's emergence as a fashion trend-setter -- whole websites are devoted to what she wears -- makes her a constant presence in the media even when as she tries to hide from the spotlight. They are clearly the couple by which the royals are being judged these days and, so far, they are earning high marks. Perhaps the only thing that will top their ratings is the announcement of their first child.


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When did Jordan become part of Europe?

Good question. And when did William and Catherine cease to be Canada's as well as Britain's (and Australia's and Jamaica's and New Zealand's, etc.)?

I disagree with the article as the writer fails to mention one of the ultimate royal couples: Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Mette Marit of Norway. Mette Marit was a single mother to a child born out of wedlock when she started dating the Crown Prince. He refused to choose another girlfriend and persevered in his relationship eventually gaining the respect and admiration of the Norweigan people. In August, the couple celebrated 10 years together and have produced their own two children as well as Mette Marit's son from a previous relationship.

number 3 is Willem-alexander and maxima, King and Queen of the Netherlands!

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