Pippa Middleton bidding war is a losing battle

Pippa Middleton has been at the top of the wish list for TV interviewers for quite some time. Now, with an upcoming book on party planning to sell, the opportunity for that interview has never been greater.

But what’s the cost?

PIPPAThe Mirror in London is insisting that there’s a massive bidding war among U.S. networks for the first Pippa interview. Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters and Matt Lauer are all being touted for the chat. Maybe even Ellen DeGeneres.

There is talk about “pulling out all the stops” and networks offering as much as $472,000 (Canadian) for the privilege catching Pippa’s pearls of wisdom.

Walters, at least, as come out in the wake of the rumours to announce that while she would “love to do the interview,” ABC News doesn’t pay for interviews. Nor should any organization.

Penguin Books has taken the gamble of paying about a half-million for Pippa to pen her book. They needs to recoup this via sales. So now it’s up to Pippa to hustle her well-toned, highly publicized butt in order to make that happen.

Trying to land an exclusive deal with anyone would be a mistake, considering that the end game is to have as many people watch you as possible.

Would people like to hear what Pippa says? You bet. She has become an almost iconic figure since the royal wedding. She is, despite all the stories written about her, a woman of mystery.

And she has said nary a word in public since her sister Kate’s royal wedding in April.

You can bet that is very much by design. She does not want to be put in the potentially lethal position of saying something that might embarrass her sister or the Royal Family. The same rules apply in writing her book and doing any subsequent interviews. You can bet she has been well schooled in the art of saying nothing.

Having her say anything, of course, will be a novelty when it finally happens. But at any price? Not a chance.

As one Facebooker noted, the ideal interviewer might be Kelly Ripa … at least it could be advertised as “Ripa and Pippa.”


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