Royal men are falling fast on GQ radar

Oh brothers! ... military uniforms apparently look better on Harry, right, on than his brother William.

Kate Middleton still basks in oohs and awws from the public, but it looks the like the honeymoon is definitely over for her husband. Or at least in his clothes.

CharlesPrince William was something of a rising star last year on the UK version of the GQ best-dressed list, appearing at number 27 on the annual top-50 list.

The new list is out and Will has disappeared completely. Like he never existed. Last year’s “great ambassador for British style” was now, officially, relegated to the title ‘former great ambassador.’

That's better than being on the worst-dressed list (where William was found four years ago), but hardly comforting.

There are several of reasons this fall may has happened: 1) He wears his ugly helicopter flight overalls way too much. 2) Too many blue suits. 3) He stands next to Kate a lot, which always makes him look second best.

It is probably of little consolation, but family honour was somewhat saved by the appearance of Prince Harry and father Prince Charles (right).

Harry took a dive from fifth to 25th spot, but still earned some praise from GQ: “His brother may end up as king, but this year the younger son has been crowned the prince of style for looking good in uniforms, well-cut suits and the dishevelled tumbling-out-of-a-nightclub jeans.”

Tinie TempahCharles, 63, who only a few years ago was No. 5 on the list, showed up at No. 50 this year with the backhanded compliment that he is “proving the point that some men seem to grow into their wardrobe with age.”

British rapper Tinie Tempah (right) topped the GQ list for having a “true passion for elegance and proportions.” A couple of notable soccer names were on the list: Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli finished second and one of the royals’ pals, David Beckham, was 13th.

Kate, of course, did not make this best-dressed list, but that is only because she is not a man.


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