Royals dig deep for favourite vacation spots

Away from the mad, mad, mad, mad world, the royals seek some vacation relief in some of the exclusive spots in the world.

Privacy is a given, as are the high prices. Celebrities have long since discovered that money is the one wall that protect them as least a little from the media. And so they dig deep and head for the hills and the beaches that cater to every whim and with the utmost in discretion.

William and Kate are enjoying one of their favourite sunnyside haunts these days -- the island of Mustique. But it is just one among the vacation spots you would find in their black book. If you're looking for royals, try these places (and bring your gold card):

Courchevel, France

French Alps: Both Prince William and the Middletons have enjoyed ski holidays in Courchevel, France, which has several resorts to cater to everyone from World Cup skiers to the hot-chocolate-in-the-chalet crowd. William even vacationed there with the Kate and the rest of her clan in 2010, when he already looked “like part of the family,” according to a ski instructor there. They stayed at a $24,000-a-week chalet, part of an exclusive enclave that caters to the rich and famous.


Seychelles: This group of island playgrounds have wound up playing quite a role in the royal romance. People remember the name mostly because it was here on the Indian Ocean paradise that the royals honeymooned after the wedding. However, the Seychelles was also the destination in 2007 when the couple was just getting back together after William had broken off the relationship. A little time in the sun apparently did wonders for the couple.


Klosters, Switzerland: This resort in the Alps has been a royal getaway spot for decades. William has been here often, mostly with his father Prince Charles, who has been a regular guest since the 1970s. The first time William and Kate were spotted there was 2004 and they have returned several times since, including the following year (photo).

Ibiza spain

Ibiza, Spain: This small Spanish island is not to be mistaken for a hideway … it is a party place, noted for its night life and its parade of rich and famous types. William has made several excursions, dating back to taking vacations here with Charles and Diana. More recently, Kate and William were famously photographed there in 2006 as they swam and dove from a yacht. Kate’s white bikini make the rounds of the world press. Given her current royal status, pictures like that will be hard to find these days.

Rutundu log cabin

Kenya: William has long had a fascination and love of Africa, in particular Kenya – another way in which William is very much like his mother. He has often visited and spent part of his gap year there on a reserve. Most significantly, he has found a perfect hideaway: the Rutundu Log Cabins (photo). It is as far off the beaten track as any sane person might dare and exactly as advertised – rustic, romantic and no electricity. Not exactly a place for kids anxious for video-game entertainment, but as long as they are just two, not a bad vacation spot. We can’t forget, either, this was the spot where William proposed to Kate in the fall of 2010.


Mustique: Generations of royals have walked barefoot on the beaches of this Caribbean island, which has become a bit of a status vacation spot to make your arrival among the upper crust. This exclusive island, with its dozens of hideaway villas and private beaches, offers celebrities of every stripe a place to put down their guard for a while (though the royals have their own guards, too). The pricetag is high, but the amenities are spectacular. Both Kate and William’s families have touched down here for respite from prying eyes. No reason to think they won’t continue.


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