What does it really cost to dress like Kate Middleton?

Marketing experts are suggesting Kate Middleton wannabes are spending about $400 extra a year in their quest to mirror her style.

Erdem dressIn all, the Duchess of Cambridge’s impact on the British fashion scene adds up to about $1.5 billion, according to market researchers at Mintel. And that figure, they say, is “conservative.”


The high street merchants of fashion salivate every time Kate steps out her door. That may have been no more evident than during her Canadian tour, which was a non-stop parade of designer duds.

We went back through the files to try to come up with a number the fashion-conscious can really relate to: How much would it cost for you to dress like Kate did for her eight days in Canada last summer?

That includes shoes, jewelry, belts … whatever we could find worth pricing out. More than 40 in all. Some items were not easy to locate. Places like What Kate Wore and Kate Middleton Style helped with the identification of some items, picking out the Erdem from the Jenny Packham from the Catherine Walker dresses and keeping the shoes straight from LK Bennett to Tabitha Simmons. Some prices had to approximate with similar items. And we're sure we missed a few items (like nylons and such).

Still, there were about 20 different looks for her stay in Canada.

Rodeo shirtIn the end, the outfits formed quite a fashion and financial spectrum -- from a $127 Joseph ‘Vanessa’ dress Kate wore in Quebec, through  the $2,500 Erdem ‘Cecile’ dress (top right) she donned for her first day in Ottawa.

There was the $395 Burberry military pocket shirt she wore in the Northwest Territorries, and the $600 Temperley Rodeo blouse (right) she had at the Calgary Stampede.

Her favourite LK Bennett Sledge2 pumps come in at $220, and the Dune deck shoes from a stop in PEI at $78. Her earlopes were mostly adorned with different Links of London styles, from $200 to $400.

Her handbags included a Hobbs Somerton ($140) and a Mulberry Polly Push-Lock ($728).

Of course, Kate wasn’t starting this wardrobe from scratch. For one event in Ottawa she wore a Issa bird print dress that was five years old.

But lets throw that reality out the window.

Bottom line? If you wanted to dress like Kate for her Canadian tour, you better be starting with about  ... $25,000. Conservatively.

And hope a few things are on sale.

Nanette dress
Kate wore the Nanette dress by Reiss for Canada Day in Ottawa -- the same dress she wore for her official engagement photo. The $300 dress sold out within days.



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I wish some Canadian women would try to dress like Kate. Bring back femininity to Canada.

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