Busted! Finnish president's husband caught gazing down princess's dress


There is no way out of this ... the eyes were definitely looking for some Danish treat.

The man with the wandering eye is Pentti Arajarvi, the husband of Finland's president, Tarja Halonen. During a state banquet hosted last month by Queen Margrethe in Copenhagen, Arajarvi was seated next to Denmark's Princess Mary.

Seemingly unaware that cameras were rolling, he let his admiring gaze wander southward to the Princess's breasts. When she turned to look at him, he quickly tries to recover by shifting his eyes to an examination of the ceiling tiles.

Too late ... it is obvious from her body language that Mary -- the 40-year-old married mother of four -- knew exactly what was going on. She deftly adjusts her dress to make any future spying into that territory more difficult.

The video, of course, is making the rounds of every royal blooper reel. It hasn't done much for relations between Denmark and Finland either (we're sure wars have probably been started over less).

The Sun in London tried to give Arajarvi, 63, some thread of dignity: “In his defense, he may have simply been admiring Princess Mary’s necklace.”

Nice try.


New babyThe first child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, born Thursday, has been named Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary.

If that's a mouthful, try adding her royal title: Duchess of Ostergotland.

The royal couple's daughter -- weighing in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces -- becomes second in line to the throne behind her mother.

King Carl XVI Gustaf announced the child's name, but didn't explain how the name was chosen. Estelle, which has a French origin, was the name of the wife of the king's godfather, Count Folke Bernadotte. Silvia is the name of Victoria's mother and Ewa is Daniel's mother's name.

"We have now been given a little Princess Estelle in Sweden and we are all, particularly me and the family, very, very happy and joyful for that," he said.

Victoria and Daniel, who were married in June 2010, returned to their palace home not long after the birth in Stockholm, posing briefly with the new arrival (right).


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So all he did was confirm that he is a normal guy....who cares?!?!?!?

There are no boobs to look at here, just a bunch of jewelry. I think in this case some people are trying twist this situation for entertainment and money. I think this guy was just looking at all the crap hanging on the woman. He was too obvious. Again, there are no boobs to look at.

This story has recently been revealed to be a photo manipulation as a sort of "joke" by a Danish magazine or TV show. Not so funny for Mr. Arajavi who has now been branded a lech all over the world. You should do a follow-up story about what happened - maybe not such a "sexy" story, but interesting to see what certain types of media will do to get attention.

Hahaha. So so funny. The video was awesome.

Uploader closed their youtube account :( TOo bad, I was looking forward to that one, lol. I'll have to look for it and hope there's another copy up!

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