Kate finds a perfect mate for her royal team

Duchess of Cambridge arrives for a visit to The Brink, an alcohol-free bar in Liverpool on Feb. 14. In the background, on the far left, is Rebecca Deacon, who is charged with making sure Kate's public appearances go smoothly. (Reuters)

Behind every royal woman is, well, another woman.

For the Duchess of Cambridge, that woman is Rebecca Deacon.

While Kate and Prince William have made it a point of personal pride to be independent and devoid of large swaths of assistants, a cold splash of reality has hit them this past year as they take on more public appearances.

They need help.

138942355Increasingly for the Duchess -- especially with Prince William on RAF duty in the Falklands for six weeks -- that has come from Deacon (right, with the the princes' private secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton).  

She remains strategically and appropriately in the background on public stages, but reportedly has taken on an increasingly larger presence in Kate’s public life.

 “Nobody is suggesting Becca and Kate have girlie nights in with a bottle of wine and a chick flick,” a royal source is quoted in London’s Daily Mirror. “And of course (sister) Pippa is still Kate’s closest friend.

“But Becca is more than a secretary – Kate increasingly relies on her and trusts her advice.”

She may be as close as Kate gets to actually having the traditional lady-in-waiting.

Deacon, 29, is officially called assistant private secretary, one of 11 people in the office that takes care of the business surrounding Princes William and Harry. She has been in the royals business since 2007, when she had a hand in helping William and Harry pull off the Concert for Diana.

More recently, however, her main role has been to help Kate. She was there when the couple attended ‘The War Horse’ premiere in January, and again as the Duchess went solo for visits to the National Portrait Gallery and her charities in Liverpool and Oxford.

“She is a perfect companion because she is similar in age to Kate, is very organized and has lovely manners,” one royal aide told the Mirror.

“She knows when to stand back and let Kate meet the public and when to step forward and introduce herself.”

Kate chooses her own wardrobe, but Deacon is there to help with her hair and makeup, hold flowers and purses, make introductions, help Kate with research ... in short, pick up on any and all details in the public arena that may otherwise distract Kate from being Royal Kate.

Educated in private schools and an English graduate from Newcastle University, Deacon slid seamlessly into William and Harry's life with her organizational abilities, especially as they took on more work with charities.

When Kate entered the picture upon her engagement to Prince William, it was a seamless shift to have Deacon lend a hand with the newbie royal.

"(William) wants to surround Kate with people she can trust," said a source. “This has always been important to him, but even more so as they look to have ­children."

The Duchess of Cambridge waves to her fans at Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford on Feb. 21. Walking behind her on the left is her assistant, Rebecca Deacon. (Getty Images)


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Thank goodness Kate is not at the mercy of the "Grey Men".

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