Harry and Chelsy: Is romance on the mend?

Harry and davy
Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy can't seem to be away from each other long enough for the rumours of a reconciliation to quiet down.

In what must rate as the most lingering break-up in royal history, there is again talk of a rekindled romance between Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy.

HarryThe clues:

  1. Prince Harry wore a pendant around his neck (right) during his tour of the Caribbean and Brazil this month that reportedly was a long-ago present from Davy. “It's a pretty big sign that she's back in his thoughts,” a source told the tabloid Daily Star. Davy was also spotted wearing a ring that Harry had given her during their seven-year relationship.
  2. Harry and Chelsy were both guests Friday at the 22nd birthday party for Princess Eugenie at Windsor Castle. “Clearly they are still close,” reported one ‘insider.’ “They appeared at ease with each other and were chatting happily together.

“It’s unlikely they’ll go public for a while, but things are definitely hotting up between them again.”

Harry’s love life has been a source of party talk for months, ever since he and the 26-year-old Davy broke up after the royal wedding. The prince re-energized the rumour mill a few weeks ago when he talked to CBS about the difficulty of “finding someone” who is up for the rigours of a royal life.

It has long been thought that one of the reasons Harry and Davy broke up was her reluctance to embrace royal life the way Kate Middleton has. She and Harry, however, do share much in common, including a long-standing love of Africa. Davy, a lawyer by trade, is from Zimbabwe, while Harry’s charity Sentable helps children in Lesotho.

Princess beatrice-eugenieIf Harry is carrying a torch for Davy, he’s not letting it stop his nightlife. The day after Eugenie’s party, he was partying it up at the Embassy Mayfair restaurant. Davy, meanwhile, has reportedly been dating art dealer Blaise Patrick, who had (?) been a friend of Harry’s.

And Davy continues to hover around the royal circles. She and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie (right) have been friends since her early courtship days with Harry.

Eugenie's small birthday party was a small but lavish affair, catered by TV chef Heston Blumenthal, featuring a seven-course meal. Among the attendees was Eugenie's parents, Prince Andrew and his ex, Sarah Ferguson.

As for Harry, as if life isn’t complicated enough, he still has more Apache helicopter training to go through before he gets his expected deployment to Afghanistan later this year. And there are also reports that he is in talks with the BBC about fronting a program about his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

The show, due to air over Christmas, is meant to give a glimpse of the Queen’s day to day life as she goes through her 60th year on the throne.


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