Kate and Will have a new neighbour ... Prince Harry

Three's a crowd? William, Kate and Harry are new neighbours at Kensington Palace. (Reuters)

There comes a time in everyone's life when they need to leave the family nest.

That time has come for Prince Harry after 27 years of sharing quarters with his father Prince Charles.

Not that he's moving very far, or away from family.

After returning from his royal tour of the Caribbean and Brazil, he began packing up things at Clarence House and moving them to Kensington Palace, where he's taken an apartment not far from the cottage Will and Kate have on the grounds.

PalaceSt. James's Palace confirmed the move, first reported by CNN. "Prince Harry moved into accommodation at Kensington Palace(right)  when he returned from the overseas tour. This will now act his official London residence. He still anticipates moving into the property currently used by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge once they vacate it in the future."

Kate and William, who reside in the Palace's Nottingham Cottage, are scheduled to move into the late Princess Margaret's apartment (some apartment ... it's 20 rooms) at the Palace next year after renovations.

Harry, reports the Daily Mail, will be living in a "modest" one-bedroom apartment in the residential wing of the sprawling Palace. The Palace, much of which is open to the public, underwent a $19 million facelift completed this month.

"Some people might find it strange that he is moving in next door to his brother and sister in law,," an aide told the Mail. "But the three of them get on brilliantly and love spending time together. Prince Harry adores his brother and says Catherine is the sister he never had."

How much time Harry will actually be in the apartment is another matter. The Apache helicopter pilot is expected to be spending a lot more time in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan.

A source told CNN that there will be no extra security around the Prince in the war zone, even though he will be a tempting Taliban target. 

"The thinking is that being an Apache pilot is quite an anonymous job and the Apache is already a target," the souce said. "They can't be more of a target than they already are."


Queen Elizabeth is putting on a new face at Madame Tussauds.

The famous wax museum is giving the monarch a fresh look for the Diamond Jubilee, replacing the steady stare she has had since 2001. This will be the 23rd time the Queen has been remodeled in wax at the museum.

The new Queen is being modeled after the official Jubilee photograph and is expected to be unveiled in May. She will be taking up her place beside Prince Philip. Figures of Prince William and Kate are on top to be unveiled in April as they close in on their first anniversary.

The cost of remodeling the Queen is about $235,000.


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