Prince Charles hoops dream is a nightmare

Charles bball
Prince Charles has his eye on the target as he tries his hand at baskeball at the Fryshuset Youth Centre in Stockholm on Thursday. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Okay, lets not laugh.

It is quite obvious from these pictures that Prince Charles is not a hardcourt wizard. But then there are many of us who would look pretty silly trying to play polo, which Charles used to be pretty good at.

Still, this is instructive to royals everywhere. Take this advice: Do not attempt a sport that is obviously foreign to you ... especially in a suit and tie. And in front of cameras.

The good-humoured Prince, who obviously knows better, didn't seem to mind imitating a court jester as he visited the Fryshuset Youth Centre in Stockholm, Sweden, on Thursday. You would think someone would have at least lent him a pair of Nike's or Puma's. Well, on second thought, that may have looked even dumber.

Charles bball1 Charles bball2















Charles bball4According to reports, the play-by-play went something like this:

The players hand Charles the ball and point out the basket. "Do you really want me to do that? I'm too short to do that," said the 5-foot-11 royal.

After three awkward bounces, he brought the ball up, took aim... and missed. Here was his fatal mistake: He asked "Am I allowed to have another go?"

Shot No. 2 misses the mark as well. "Nearly," the Prince said encouragingly.

Then he was advised that perhaps a little jump in his step would help. It didn't. Try No. 3 bounced harmlessly off the backboard. "I tried hard at that," he said.

Yes, he did. But Charles would be wise to stick to shaking hands and waving.

Charles bball3
Prince Charles has a laugh with the guys who take their basketball a little more seriously at the Fryshuset Youth Centre. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)


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This is what came through for you? god, it is called having fun with a bunch of kids. The prince obviusly knew he's making a bit of a fool of himself but it was in all good. Everybody seemed to have a good time, what's wrong with that?

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