Prince William surprises Kate with ski getaway

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are getting re-acquainted with a ski holiday in the Swiss Alps, according to reports. (CP)

Whether it’s in a helicopter or on a mountain, Prince William seems attracted to high places.

No sooner did he return to London from six weeks of ‘copter duty in the Falkland Islands, than he whisked his bride Kate off to Switzerland, according to reports.

VerbierAfter their longest separation since tying the knot last April, the royal couple are taking a mini-holiday in the exclusive Swiss resort of Verbier, 1,500 metres high in the Alps.

“They’ve had some brilliant times skiing, and William decided a getaway in Switzerland, where they can wear goggles and hats and go around unnoticed, would be perfect,” London’s Daily Mirror quotes a source.

The resort is popular one among royals and celebrities. Prince Harry has been there, and the royals families of Denmark and Sweden are regulars.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are no strangers to the Alps either, having made several trips to Klosters.

This will be a short holiday. Duty still calls for Prince William, who is expected back soon at his RAF base in Wales to resume his search-and-rescue duties. Kate, who's been holding down the fort royal-engagement wise, is free of public appearances for now. She has spent most of the time while William was away making stops at her royal charities.

It’s not certain if the royals will be celebrating their first anniversary April 29 in their Anglesey home, but if they are, they will have a ready-made celebration already going on.

The organizers of  the annual Gay Carnival in the Welsh town have re-scheduled their festivities to coincide with the royal anniversary.

“We thought it would help create a romantic atmosphere -- and spread the love around a bit,” said carnival organizer Alan Jones.


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