Queen stuns newlyweds by crashing their wedding


What do you do when the Queen crashes your wedding?

You bow and shake hands of course.

John and Frances Canning had the shock of their lives on Friday when the Queen and Prince Philip showed up at their wedding at Manchester Town Hall.

2012-03-23T151909Z_01_PNN11The unlikely meeting began many months ago when the couple had booked the hall for their wedding, well before anyone knew the Queen would be making a tour of the city as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

John decided on the "spur of the moment to write a letter to Buckingham Palace inviting the Queen to drop by.

"It was a bit tongue in cheek in some ways," he told the BBC. "I thought 'What have we got to lose? If we get a letter back, even better.

"I put in my letter that I hoped she would have a lovely day in Manchester, all the very best on the Jubilee and if you've got any spare minutes, we're only next door."

He received a reply back from the Palace saying the Queen would not be able to attend.

Sneaky, that monarch. She had decided to grant their wish and the palace got in contact with Manchester City Council to arrange it. They kept the secret until the very end.

"After we'd got married, we walked through our guests into the middle room where we were going to spend five minutes together," said John.

"The gentleman from the Town Hall came up and said the Queen had agreed to meet us."

The Queen greeted the couple -- "hello John, hello Frances" -- spent a few minutes with them and even posed for photographs.

"It was a bit scary... but it was lovely," said Frances.

"She commented on how beautiful Frances looked in her dress and wished us all the best for the future," said John, who added that Philip was a "lovely man" and had asked about where the couple would be honeymooning in Italy.

"We're going to have to get a bigger wedding album now,'' Frances, 44, said.  ''Not many people will have pictures like that.''


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