Kate is pretty in recycled pink for first Palace garden party

Palace party
At the Buckingham Palace garden party on Tuesday, the Duchess of Cambridge chats with guest Bethan Haynes, whose husband Warren is in the Navy and stationed at Anglesey, Wales, where Kate and William live. (AFP/Getty Images)

Having about 8,000 people trample your grass might not sound like much fun, but the Queen didn't seem to mind.

The occasion on Tuesday was a garden party at Buckingham Palace, where the Royal Family -- or as much as can be assembled -- play host to people who found their way onto the guest list after being nominated by institutions, charities or businesses.

Palace1This isn't the first Palace garden party, but it was special for a couple of reasons: 1) It's Diamond Jubilee week, and 2) it was Kate Middleton's first Palace garden party.

“It’s very nerve-wracking facing such a sea of people but great fun," the Telegraph quotes the Duchess of Cambridge. “Everyone looks so pretty dressed up.”

Noticed by his absence was Prince William, who remained in Wales where he's on duty as a search and rescue helicopter pilot.

Kate, who is growing more comfortable with her occasional appearances sans William, surprised some observers by wearing the same  Emilia Wickstead dress she wore just a few weeks ago for a Queen's Jubilee lunch, accented by a Jane Corbett hat. Of course, if you have a $1,900 dress, it's probably wise to wear it more than once.

The party began with the national anthem, followed by the appearance of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. They led a procession of Prince Charles, Camilla, Princess Anne, and Kate down to the lawn, where the royals mingled with selected guests.

Kate talked with several women who had husbands in the service, including Joanne Roberts. “I asked her how it was being a newlywed," Roberts recounted to the Telegraph, "and she said she was loving every minute. She said she was so busy doing something every day and if she wasn’t working at an official engagement she was researching something to do with her work.”

She also met Royal Navy Lt. Warren Haynes and his wife Bethan, who chatted with her about life in Anglesey, Wales, where William is stationed at RAF Valley. "She said how much she loves living in Wales and had picked up a few Welsh words," Bethan said. "She'd learnt 'araf' which means slow and 'heddlu', meaning police. She was very confident, beautiful and elegant."


Palace 2
Queen Elizabeth meets guests during a garden party at Buckingham Palace on May 29. (Getty Images)

Palace3 Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Princess Royal and Prince Charles attend the garden party at Buckingham Palace. (Getty Images)

The lawn of Buckingham Palace is filled with about 8,000 guests attending  the garden party ahead of the main weekend of celebrations to mark the Diamond Jubilee. (AFP/GettyImages)

Queen Elizabeth meets guests during a garden party at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. (Getty Images)


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OMG! This girl is already looking dowdy and grandmotherly. Come on Kate! Dress your age!

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